Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine?

As usual breakie at our normal kopitiam, and I ordered steamed bread and Nescafe-C NgaLat. Chit Chatting with hubby while waiting for the food. I was watching TV, and when I wanted to eat my steam bread.. I realized that, one of my steam bread kena gigit!! asked hubby, he told me to inform the tauke. I called the tauke and asked him, how come my steam bread kena gigit?!.. then hubby giggled and said.. it was him!! aiyak.. so malu and I looked at the tauke and say sorry ar.. the tauke just smiled at me.. cis!! kurang asam punya hubby :P.. but am not mad at hubby lar, cos he's like that.. :D .. Appetizer for my Valentine.. haha!

And we had our Valentine Dinner not only the 2 of us but the whole family :). Been doing this after I got my 1st child, and hope will be doing this for as long as the kiddos wanna have V dinner with us :D. Well that's all about My V-Day.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Deal!!

After sending the kiddos to the day care, went Yum Cha with hubby at our usual kopitiam. Actually planned not to stop for Yum Cha dy cos hubby was late for work, but when he saw his favorite stall opened for business after CNY loooong break.. he stopped and :D there we went for breakie.

Hubby sent me home and drove to work. Me then drove the other car out and went for shopping!! :D.. well not shop for suka2 tho.. I went and get the gift I promised my eldest girl, if she got 100% for her spelling .. I actually saja so that, she'll do her revision... haha but she really got 100% for me.. :D.. so promise is a promise.. asked her what she wants.. and she replied .. Barbie doll.. aiks I bought so many for her dy.. but all ended up missing somewhere, well you know lar.. children.... so I went to tesco .. cos I know.. the toys section selling Barbie doll .. the cheapest I remembered was not less than RM20.. but to my surprised, I got 1 for less than RM10!!!.. hahaha .. I dunno issit they priced it wrongly or .. hehe..

And besides the doll .. I bought few spiral notebook.. cost 40 cents each only!! quite good quality .. with plastic hard cover.. closer look at the pics..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

CNY 2011

These are some pics .. taken during the recent CNY.. enjoy!


Bong Ah Tan's Grandchildren

Me & the kiddos

cuci rumah

Shawn said.. oh it's raining..

Kacau dodol

The Siblings & MIL.. (2 SIL not around)

BIL Soba Singh & Julius.. Kacau-ing dodol

Reunion Dinner

meimei with cuz Jian En & Uncle Luke

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Gosshhh!! it's been a while.. my last post was few months back.. this will be my 1st post for the year 2011.. k will be back with some photos during CNY a.k.a Chinese New Year.. stay tuned!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Santa Clause is coming to town...

Yeah.. soon gonna be Christmas.. ar well.. am actually already in the Christmas mood.. but .. but.. am not going back to my home town this year.. very sad :( indeed.. really wish to be home..
Am now in the Philippine.. and can really feel the Christmas mood here.. so happening!!.. The place that I'm staying, they've started decorating their house .. too bad that I don't have my camera here, else.. I'll surely take and post up here.. hehe

Really, really wish to be back to home town.. :'(

Merry Christmas to all.. hahahahahha .. it's still too early tho'

Monday, November 15, 2010

Outstation mode..

Yeah.. am in Philippine again.. was quite a tiring day.. it's not the work tho', it's the traveling thingy.. checked-in to the 'hotel' around 5.30pm.. hehe.. did you see the quote i put .. in the 'hotel' word.. well am actually staying in the company rented house.. :P

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me.. so gotta sleep early.. (I hope.. i can :p).. so till then..

Monday, November 8, 2010


Argghh.. ! am really stress.. !! Feel like doing something silly :D .. like speeding in the highway .. yeah sounds crazy huh!.. but thank God lar that I'm still sane :p.. Wish to have any game console for me to play too.. argghhh!!!.. used to have that long2 time ago.. errr loan one tho' :D .. it's belong to my brother .. that will definitely helps a lot!! .. Hubby.. if you ever read this... hehehe.. my wish list since long long time ago.. hahaha.. for my Xmas pressie??? .. :P:P

Stress or no stress.. I still have to complete my task! that's my motto :) .. Yes!! I can do it!! haha gotta think positively at this moment.. Yes!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh my dear blog ..

Well well.. left unattended, not updated .. pity my dear blog :D.. wokie just would like to update a little..

Life been very busy.. but my FB status will still get updated frequently :D, cos it took just abt a minute to update the status.. but as for my blog.. hmm .. gotta do some thinking of what to be put in the blog :D.. and I'm still thinking now .. :P.

Today.. well actually was yesterday .. as time now showing 12.28am ..accidentally spilled HOT oil onto my toes.. well not really spilled actually.. a big drop of HOT oil. Not too sure how it happened, may be while transfering the oil to the pot after frying the fish.. the only thing that i knew was.. it's HOT!!! but of cos I didn't cry like a baby lar.. :P.. Tahan only lar..

hmm.. what else ya? .. oh.. will be outstation again .. definitely will gonna miss home but.. work commitment .. a little stress now, as there're lot more to do.. am crossing fingers that it can complete by that time.. crossing , crossing, crossing.. :D

Ok think.. that's for now :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm a chips more

Yeah.. been missing for a while here.. and why am I here now?? mmm.. think may be I'm a bit stressed out with work.. and it's actually 3 a.m now :D.. but good tho', I managed to do some house chores without anyone disturbing :D.. ya my kiddos.. they're all asleep now.. plus can update my blog :D.

Brain actually kinda not functioning properly.. sigh .. so can't think what to bla.. well I guess .. that's for now.. :P.. Lemme try to sleep.. if you're seeing me updating again after this post.. means..attempts to sleep FAIL.. :D

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wow! it's been a while

Pity.. been abandon this blog for many months.. will be updating soon yah.. ^^! .. crossing my finger :)

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