Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy SBG nite!!

Yeah!! know you guys definitely gonna have so much fun for this gathering.. ishh jeles.. with the Halloween theme lagi tu.. wish so much to be with you all but nevermindlah.. mebbe next time la.. So enjoy ya! Aramaiti!! will for sure bloghop and check out nanti!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Saturday..

Wanted to blog about this earlier.. but as usual lor.. busy.. Last Saturday was Phoebe and Shawn Kindy's bazaar day.. brought the kids to the kindy.. they had so much fun.. makan la.. games la.. etc..

Shannelle playing with new friends :D

ar.. this boy.. curi 4 cucuk of hotdogs from 1 of the stall.. but of course later I bayar la..hehe

ar this... Phoebe punya best friend.. Loo Kar Kay.. not sure if i spell it correctly.. hehe

After the bazaar.. we went to Kuala Selangor.. well talking about this.. hubby actually packed all the things in the morning.. without telling me.. where we're heading to.. again!! :D but never mind la.. I like suprises.. hehehe.. Only after the bazaar.. when I asked again.. he smiled and said KS.. :D. Reached KS around 12.30pm.. hubby said wanna c fireflies.. I was like har??!! if wanna c fireflies.. means.. gotta wait till 8pm.. alamak!! I said can pengsan.. It was a hot day somemore.. huhu~~ so while waiting for 8pm.. we went for jalan2..

It's really a hot day!!

This one in Kg. Belimbing Firefly park resort
See anything.. hehe.. see what shawn is doing :D

They do have chalets..


we went to this (Kg. Kuantan) for the fireflies..

Finally!!! sun sets.. we're extremely tired.. but it's worth waiting.. it's really really manyX2 Christmas tree :D.. was my children 1st time on sampan watching fireflies.. and they enjoyed it so much.. we even sang twinkle2 little star song too! :D didn't manage to capture the fireflies cos it's too dark

That's how we spent our Saturday.. ciao!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I've got a feeling!!

Nice!! very creative

They're awesome!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Unlucky day!

Today.. really unlucky day for me.. I was stucked in the jam after lunch.. reached office around 3pm.. after worked I was stucked again in the jam.. right after entering Sg.Besi toll.. jam!!!.. It must be an accident .. yah.. true enough.. but but.. It was at the opposite site!! urgghh.. but It was really a bad accident.. the motorcylist died.. and I saw a trailer there!! ..

Hubby called up few times .. reminding me to drive carefully.. but guess it's really an unlucky day for me.. I'm almost reaching home.. I'm so happy cos I bought 3 lantern (battery operated) for my kiddos and can't wait to see them playing with it.. so to be home faster I stepped on the accelarator.. and suddenlly .. a dog appeared!! I really don't know where did it came from.. arghh.. tried to avoid hitting him.. but.. bang!! kena oso.. poor dog.. I felt bad.. I didn't even stop my car.. as there's another car behind me.. sorry doggie.. When I reached .. I went and have a look at the car bumper.. *Slap forehead* .. the light tercabut!! my bumper also tercabut!! and the spot light pecah!! arrghhh.. money flying away~~~~ I think the dog .. went to heaven dy.. aishh..

What an unlucky day..

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