Monday, March 19, 2007

SpongeBob Square-quare (Square Pants)

Yesterday went to the waterfall with my family.. arrived there around 3.30pm.. Wah!! lotsa people there.. luckily we found a nice spot.. hubby bentang tikar.. den.. Splash!!!.. 2 ekor inside the water dy.. hehehehe..

The 2 of them.. hmmm .. pantang nampak air.. damn syiok!! .. actually .. I'm a bit tired and a bit lazy to go the waterfall .. but then.. after seeing them so enjoy.. I pun tumpang syiok oso.. hehehe ;)

Well .. I actually wanna share about my girl.. before we went home, we stopped by at the stalls to get a Jagung Bakar.. and she suddenly said.. 'Mommy.. SpongeBob Square-quare'.. I was like .. huh?? .. I can't see anywhere.. the SpongeBob character.. and she keeps on saying that.. well.. mommy buat dunno je lah.. hehe.. then suddenly !!! only I realised that.. there's this fella frying the ham.. the mysterious SpongeBob is actually the Penjual Burger.. muahahahahaha :D.. well if you watched the cartoon, you'll definitely know what I mean..


I'm tired.. been so long never update my blog.. well it's due to my very tight schedule.. today I'm updating .. as I wanna rest for a while.. I've another task on queue dy.. :( ..

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back to work

I'm back to work ;). I'm supposed to be on leave till this friday, but due to hubby's leave not approve I cancelled my leave lah. Very nice to come to office, lotsa parking for my little SLK (hhahaha :D not mercedez lah..) Small Little Kancil :P. Normally I'll not be able to park-in as the parking lots are very limited unless I come as early as 7.30 a.m or earlier. These 2 days I can jimat on my parking coupon.. Just imagine $3 for a day.. plus my tolls.. 1 day parking & tolls only cost me $10.60 ... urghhhh...

Friday, February 16, 2007

2 days before CNY..

uhh.. office is so damn quiet.. most of them back to hometown dy.. left only those workhoholic .. :P .. yeah right.. everybody sibuk mau balik.. me still sibuk kat office, some more.. kena threaten tak siap kerja cannot go back for CNY :'(. Actually I've completed my part, but yesterday .. when did a testing .. the result was 50-50 .. ishhh .. need to get more thumbprint templates from the registration department for the testing.. just to confirm whether my part is working or not.

Now is already 2.30pm.. but email box is still empty no template from them.. urghhhh...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Ever experience backache? Kesian my husband, backache for 2 days .. macam robot.. muahahhaha :D.. but very syiok to kacau him :P. Time to torture him, geletek sini-sana.. muahahahah :D . So jahat hor me.. heheheheh :P

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Baby Sitter

This morning, while I'm preparing to go to office.. husband hp rang.. was from my baby sitter.. she informed husband that.. her 'tengkuk sakit' .. tell me to send my boy up (normally she'll wait downstairs).. after about 10 mins, her daughter called up.. inform husband that.. her mom couldn't take care of my children today.. as she 'sakit teruk' .. we have no choice either my husband or me have to take leave today.. hubby decided to take leave..

When I was about to drive to work .. my husband suddenly called out my name from our house (3rd floor).. tell me to help to send the baby sitter to the nearest clinic.. sounds so emergency.. so i rushed to her place.. distance is less than a minute drive..

She wasn't at home, the daughter said she's at the neighbor's house.. so we went to the neighbor's house.. when I reached there.. I saw my baby sitter.. lying on the floor.. say.. 'sakit.. sakit.. ya Allah..' the another kakak was massaging her neck.. she's really in great pain..

Drove her to the clinic (together with the other kakak).. she's still groaning.. I see her .. I also feel sakit.. :( .. After the check-up, Dr. informed that she 'salah urat', told us not to massage her neck but use a towel soak in warm water and place it on the neck. Sent them home then drive to office.. reach office around 8.30 a.m was 1/2 hour late.. but .. it's ok.. if late then replace lor.. but I normally balik lambat oso la..

Friday, January 26, 2007

Christmas Chinese New Year?!!

Me & my lunch gang..
Sin, Me, TimTam & D'Boss...

Hmmm... very creative !! haha.. :D .. This Christmas tree is very useful.. I think next time .. my colleague gonna hang the ketupat for Hari Raya..

My Workstation

My work satation.. Kinda messy huh..
Things I played with everyday.... -___-'

My Favourite corner. Gifts from colleagues.. they all went for makan angin / outstation and brought the gifts for me. Paris, Korea, Bali, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Thai.. and got local one as well.. hehe.. Sarawak, Terengganu... and today I just got another one from Nigeria.. ;-)

Phoebe & Shawn

2 days ago, both of them were having fever .. I was kinda worried.. especially my Shawn. He was warded to the hospital on the 12th June 2006 (I still can remember the date), due to very high fever for about a week.

Yesterday, both of them look very cheerful.. ahhhh lega sikit. When I reached home yesterday, My Phoebe was waiting for me at the main door.. she looks very active.. My Shawn too, looks very active & cheerful. So glad that the 2 of them had recovered pheew....

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Phoebe Bong

Today is the 3rd time she said 'I'm scared' in her sleep.. and that was around 4.00 am to 5.00 am.. just wonder.. was she dreaming of something scary??!! Ghost??!! Choi! choi! choi!.. May be she's very tired.. but after she said that.. she seems like couldn't continue to sleep.. so, me & hubby layan her .. her body temperature was a bit high.. force her to drink water. She'll obey, as she's very scared with the medicine. After every glass of water, she'll always say 'Phoebe cold (means she's not hot), no medicine'.. aishhh....

Normally, I'll leave house around 7.00 am.. and will drive my Shawn to the baby sitter place. But, this morning since my Phoebe woke up ealier, she too wanna follow me.. Kesian Daddy.. kena tinggal sorang2.. hehehe

Lunch Gang

Today 2 of my lunch gang on MC.. and both of them are from the 'Mechanical' team, and both of them are 'ID' (Industrial Designer).. Mechanical only have 2 ID.. so means .. Today is an off day for ID.. :P

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Layout modification

Huh.. been trying to change the layout of the template.. but it was just too tedious and lotsa limitations. Try changing the background color, but the image of the 'Header' & the 'Footer' manyak kacau lah.. I can't post up my own coding, else.. sure I tukar habis2.

Nothing much can be changed lah, been trying to change the layout.. but not satisfy with the outcome... duh!!.. so in the end.. I'm using this .. well .. hope for temporary.. cos I'm still dislike with the design tho! (sorry to the designer of this template ya! :P) ..

Mmm.. will change next time la ..


Every year.. everybody is waiting for their increment & bonus.. well .. that goes same to me as well.. Yesterday.. Received an email for the HR HOD (Head Of Department) .. was so exicited with the e-mail title .. 'Bonus payment for 2006' but after reading the so called 'Excited e-mail'!!! .. was kinda upset.. wasn't expect to get such a &#$%! amount .. you performed or not .. still getting the same amount .. ah well.. at least still get my bonush tho'..

Monday, January 22, 2007


Last week was kinda 'Sick' week for me.. Last tuesday, was admitted to Emergency due to Gastric and was given 3 days 'MC's ..

On that day, I thought I'm gonna make it to the office.. but driving half way to the office.. Oucchh.. ah.. ah.. my gastric attack!! .. I have no choice but called up hubby to fetch me.. :P
Pity to the auntie who tumpang me.. she had to take the bus to go to her working place.

Me kinda stuborn, hubby told me not to go to work.. but I insist .. told him got lotsa things to do.. :p .. I think.. next time.. must follow his advise liao.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Pics by Hubby..

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Me & My Lunch Gang..

My Very 1st Post..

Today is my very 1st post for this blog.. hehe.. actually I had one created long time ago.. but couldn't remember the password to log in .. so I start a new one then..

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