Friday, May 22, 2009


Attend my lunch gang Sin Yee Wedding on 16 May 09', in Cyberview Lodge. Here are some of Phoebe's pictures. She enjoyed so much on that day.. Photos taken by one of my lunch gang too! Kenji.. :D .. The wedding photo taken by him too.. FYI.. He's a Wedding photographer.. :)

Sin Yee & KY

Yum Seng

Phoebe & mummy

Phoebe & uncle WaiLam (Lunch Gang)

Phoebe & uncle Tham (Lunch Gang)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kaamatan (Harvest Festival)

It's May!! yah it's the month of Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) for Sabah. The month of May is the Favorite month for my late brother Clarence.. yah.. he loves this Kaamatan very very much, it's his passion. My sisters Rachel, Sandra and Tracy used to be his mangsa :D.. kena hantar pi Unduk Ngadau.. He was a make-up artist, he was a hair-dresser too. He left countless memory to us .. know what.. until today.. I still do not have the hearth to remove all his hp nos from my hp .. Cos .. I miss him.. really really miss him.. sob sob .. ok ok.. I don't want to be so emotional now.. hehe.. I'm actually helping my sister to promote the costumes for rent .. my late bro already assigned her the task :D .. before he left us ...

2 Penampang costume (with himpogut & No tangkung)

1 Tuaran Costume (full accessories)

Anyone interested .. do not hesitate to contact her at

Monday, May 18, 2009

Shannelle gets Chicken Pox

ohhh.. pity my little girl.. she's the first to get this.. I think Phoebe and Shawn will be getting this too .. well staying in the same house.. it seems that.. the word 'Sick' is sticking too long with my family.. sob sob.. at least for another 2 weeks more..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So many things happened...

I've not been able to update my blog recently due to ... aish.. dunno how to say it.. so many things happened after hubby admitted to hospital.. hubby was on MC for quite long.. was about 1 week.. and after that .. Shawn was having very high fever 41 degree :(.. I've to take MC tho' I'm not sick just to take care of him.. I don't want the fits happen to him again.. yeah.. he got the fever fits when he's only about 1 year old.. it's really another scary moment for me.. I tot that.. bad things gonna happen.. and Thank God.. he's ok .. and after Shawn.. my little Shannelle having fever.. and now.. My eldest girl, Phoebe having fever too.. and she's also asthmatic.. I am so worried.. I just hope.. all of them will recover .. the soonest the better.. but sad to say that.. now.. I think is my turn.. am having fever, cough.. aishh... oh please.. I just hope all this gonna over ...

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