Monday, April 26, 2010

My Monday..

Monday.. got up around 5.15am.. but am still very sleepy.. so I told myself.. sleep for another 5 mins la.. but my alarm.. no longer in snooze mode :D.. so I accidentally got up 15 mins later :P.. oh my .. so then I quickly.. took all the shirts for ironing.. (was suppose to be done .. the night b4).. , then get the milk ready for all of them.. yeah they need their milk b4 waking up .. their school bags, clothes for after school.. etc .. etc.. (arrghh.. all these suppose to be done nite b4 too!!) .. :P:P:P

After everything done.. wake Phoebe up.. (difficult task!!.. DD have to carry her to the bathroom).. after her .. my turn.. then Shawn's and DD.. MeiMei (Shannelle is still in her dreamland).. Me and Phoebe left earlier.. cos.. I start working at 8am .. and her class 7.30am.. went to see her Class Teacher.. need to inform her.. 1 of Phoebe's exercise book .. missing!!.. hmm.. cos MeiMei threw it from 3rd floor, and..mmm.. may be I'll story this in my next post..

After sending Phoebe.. then me vroom to office.. have to went through 3 tolls!!.. 1st.. 2nd.. and the 3rd one.. when I'm out from the 3rd toll.. there's this orange/brown kelisa.. tailgating me.. aiks.. so.. I can't move to the another lane as there's a car there .. so the kelisa driver keeps on.. following so near to me.. I was kinda pissed and feel like stepping on the break!!.. uhhh.. so when I'm able to shift to the middle lane.. she overtook me.. and ego punya pasal.. I then .. tailgate her :P:P:P.. until.. I almost reached the junction to my office.. grrrrr!! but then I felt bad.. I shouldn't be doing that.. accident can happen..

So .. if this ever happen to you.. please Inhale... like normal.. don't follow your emotion .. Safe Drive ya!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Funny stuff by my crazy coleagues :D

Hmm.. mebbe they all demam IPhone :D..
I love this sooo much.. wakakaka.. good for distress :D

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Wishing all a very blessed and happy Easter!

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