Saturday, September 26, 2009

Holiday - Penang & Kedah 2

2nd day of Raya.. we decided to go for Bukit Bendera.. after breakie.. hubby drove directly towards Bukit Bendera.. but hey! where's it huh? hubby just drove .. according to the sign board.. we don't even have our map of Penang.. we left it at home :D.. anyhow.. we managed to get to Bukit Bendera.. but it's very crowded.. hubby said since we've reached there.. hantam only la.. so he queued for the ticket.. Shawn was with him and Shannelle and Phoebe were with me waiting for them outside.. but the 2 of them can't sit still for long.. they're restless.. and hubby was still queuing for the ticket.. alamak!! I called up hubby.. and suddenly I see him walked out of the ticket counter.. told me Shawn wanna ngk ngk.. Told hubby.. think we gotta cancel the plan for the Cable car la.. hubby agreed.. moreover we gotta check-out at 12pm and that time was about 10am dy.. ok said bye2 to Bkt Bendera.. then back to our motel .. packed our things and checked out.. our initial planned was to check in at another hotel and wonder around in another parts of Penang.. but somehow.. we took the wrong turn which lead us out of Penang!!! oh no.. then hubby said.. ok la.. we go to Kedah lah! :D.. and vroom.. to Kedah!!.. I love the highway view towards Kedah.. nice paddy field.. feel so relax and calm.. well after exiting from a busy place like Penang..

Thank God that my friend went back to Alor Star.. called him up .. and asked him where to jalan.. Met up with Kenji (friend) for yum cha.. then continue our jalan2.. we thought of staying over night in Alor Setar.. but then.. hubby smiled at me and said.. jom pi Ipoh la.. :D.. vroom.. Ipoh.. drive and drive and drive.. reaching Ipoh.. about 9.30pm.. hubby said.. Jom balik KL lah.. wakakakaka.. then bye bye north.. balik rumah!!!.. reached home about 1am.. ok la.. that's all about my Penang & Kedah holiday!! Enjoy..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holiday - Penang & Kedah 1

On 1st day of Raya.. me and family again.. went for another holiday.. but this time was partially plan :D.. we left home for Penang around 2 am!!.. 2 am yo! my kids.. they're not sleeping yet cos all of us slept in the afternoon (the day b4).. as if they know that they're going for holiday :D.. Reached Penang around 6.45m.. The town was kinda quite.. hehe. .may be it's still too early for the people there to wake up :D.. We stopped by a coffee shop for breakie.. after that. .pusing2 at the town again.. and somehow it lead us to the Bukit Bendera.. hubby said.. come let's naik the cable car.. I was like huh?.. we just reached only and wanna naik dy???!! have not even find the place to stay wor?? I said no :P:P.. I know hubby was kinda upset .. cos he drove all the way from home to Penang and I said no.. ish ish.. so bad of me.. neway.. I think dun wanna talk so much la.. just enjoy the pics la ya.. hehe

Our UN-Plan Holiday 3

I was kinda busy lately.. so didn't update my blog :P.. ok .. this will be the final post for the UN-Plan Holiday.. after the trip to Bukit Tinggi.. hubby asked.. should we go to the left (Kuantan) or the right (KL).. hehehe.. w/o getting my answer.. he turn to the left.. :D.. so .. we went to Cherating.. :D.. below are some pics taken .. enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our UN-Plan Holiday 2

Colmar Tropicale

After visiting The Japanese Village, we proceed to Colmar Tropicale which is also known as A French-themed Resort. My children were very excited, especially my eldest... mmm I think it was because of the castle-like building.. :D.. My girl was saying something .. princess.. bla bla.. hahahaha.. I think she was imagining something like .. the Barbie or princess story :D. It was really a nice place to visit.. feeling like I'm somewhere out of Malaysia.. :P..

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