Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's 7pm.. but I still can't leave the office sob sob :-( .. I've to wait for an email reply.. and that's not all.. I've to debug the coding (heh.. it's a jargon huh).. well I'm a programmer that's my job .. arghhh!! I wanna eat.. but no appetite lah.. lucky I got lotsa keropok in my drawer ^_^ .. and got lotsa can drinks here (1.5 carton.. my collection from lunch subsidy).. wakakaka.. but of course I'm not going to drink all of them.. so while waiting for the email.. I blog la.. oops.. my boss is back !! .. ok the guy is online now.. multitasking now.. he's in Turkey.. I'm here.. supporting him.. pity me.. everyone is home except me and my boss.. crap!! .. ok.. gotta fully support that guy now.. Adios!!

Very Busy

Be blogging again after busy mode is over .. Adios!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Partially DIY Ring Sling

:D.. yeah.. it's not fully DIY Ring Sling.. I do wish I can fully DIY my own Ring Sling carrier.. I bought all the materials.. but not the sewing part.. well.. as I do not have my own sewing machine :P.. I wish I can have one.. (psst.. daddy.. u heard it :D)..

I was quite happy for everything.. except for the charges for the sewing..was way too pricey!!! arghh !! .. it's kinda easy to sew de.. I can sew it myself if only i have my own sewing machine .. neway this is my Ring Sling :) .. How's it? :p

Monday, November 10, 2008

Phoebe's Graduation Cum Concert day

Last saturday.. attended Phoebe's graduation cum concert day.. well actually she's not graduating yet.. it's only her first year in kindy :P .. but she took part in the concert.. I had so much fun on that day!! :D.. lotsa funny things and cute things happened.. below are some of the pics taken on that day.. not that clear tho' .. lighting problem :P:P:P.. and 2 videos.. so enjoy ya!!

Snow white and the ... 9 dwarfs.. wakakaka.. :D their version

Those took part the in the concert.. aren't they cute!! .. I just love it.. !!

Another bunch of cute little friends.. :D

They are brothers and sisters.. the brother 4 yo and the sister 3 yo... I'm amazed by this 2 siblings.. they have a great memory.. salute!! ..

I love this so much!! isn't he cute?!!

Irish dance

Hawaiian dance

.. forgotten.. this.. something.. sign language.. :P:P

can see me??!! ..

Singing their Apple King song

Shava-shava dance..

My Sarong Ring Sling Carrier

I bought this Sling Rings from Peekaroobaby

This Sarong.. mm .. If not mistaken MIL gave it to me :P.. or may be my mom.. can't recall :D .. I hand stitched this.. no sewing machine neh..

Then.. insert it to the rings and.. it supposedly needs sewing .. but since I don't have the machine I followed the instruction from Jan Andrea's website on how to tie it to the ring .. or simply call it as No-Sew Ring Sling.

Tada!! this is my Sling Ring Carrier.. :D .. how easy yeah!! .. btw.. pics taken by my eldest dotter.. TQ Phoebe.. hehe

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

International Babywearing Week

In conjunction with the International Babywearing Week, SNUGGbaby will be launching their SNUGG Mei Tai baby carrier. FYI there’re also having a blog giveaway! .. so please be hurry!!! visit to SNUGGBABY. PeekarooBABY is also offering free shipping (within Malaysia) for all babywearing-related items. So Mommas hurry!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I think you should be familiar with this drink yah.. but.. I've one question.. hehe.. what's actually drawn or printed on the can.. ??.. it looks like .. 2 mice for me.. heheheh... me and my colleague sin yee keep on guessing what is actually that.. and guess what?!! .. we actually browse and search for it on net.. :P:P .. and the actual pic is actually this...

All Souls' Day

You left us on the 12 June 2008 .. yah .. it's about 5 months ago.. I'm still missing you a lot.. I didn't manage to go back for the All Souls' Day but I will always pray for you. My prayer also goes to my another brother who passed away when he was born 29 years ago. May the two of you rest in Peace. Amen.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Sunday

The mission was suppose to pack the play pan back to it's box.. but it ended up with this.. hehe ..

eh?! where's chieh-chieh and kor kor??

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