Monday, November 10, 2008

My Sarong Ring Sling Carrier

I bought this Sling Rings from Peekaroobaby

This Sarong.. mm .. If not mistaken MIL gave it to me :P.. or may be my mom.. can't recall :D .. I hand stitched this.. no sewing machine neh..

Then.. insert it to the rings and.. it supposedly needs sewing .. but since I don't have the machine I followed the instruction from Jan Andrea's website on how to tie it to the ring .. or simply call it as No-Sew Ring Sling.

Tada!! this is my Sling Ring Carrier.. :D .. how easy yeah!! .. btw.. pics taken by my eldest dotter.. TQ Phoebe.. hehe


Joyce said...

wow, that is so simple...I know sarung can be old fashion, but kalu kana taruh ring sling, trus nampak ada modern sikit kan!!! ok nanti sia pi testing..

Evelyn LG said...

yah bah.. it's the ring yg kasi moden :D

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