Friday, April 24, 2009

Hubby - Hospital 2

The day after the emergency.. hubby complained of back pain again.. so he went back to the hospital.. and that's how he got admitted.. The doctors need to investigate on what's happening to him.. and that really got me worried.. till I've no mood to blog.. but discharged the day after.. Thank God.. nothing major.. he was advised to drink plenty of water and today hubby is resting at home ..

I called hubby during lunch time.. asked how's he.. he told me not to worry.. he's doing fine :) .. I really hope no more scary moment for me after this..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hubby - Hospital 1

I didn't blog about what happened to hubby previously.. because I'm very very worried and really no mood on blogging about it .. It happened actually on tuesday morning.. as usual I woke up and did all the ironing.. then woke hubby up.. and just like normal.. he'll get up and do some of the housework.. after hanging the clothes.. he told me.. his back was kinda pain.. and I can joke with him some more.. den I'll just make dunno .. and I carried my girl.. to the toilet.. cos she poo poo.. and while I was cleaning my little.. I heard Phoebe was calling my name.. mummy faster come.. daddy sakit... I faster wash my girl den rush to daddy.. I see daddy was really in pain.. he asked me to get the minyak angin and rub his back.. I'm really damn scare.. I really dunno what to do.. he can't even turn his body.. keeps on saying.. it's painful.. and thank god.. I've not leave the house yet.. else.. I just dunno what's gonna happen..

I've no choice but to send Phoebe and Shawn to the baby sitter.. they've to skip their class.. but.. my Shawn cried.. he did not want to be with the baby sitter.. I've no choice again.. but to take him with me.. I really pity daddy.. he forced himself to walk down from 3rd floor .. It's so heartache to see him like that.. I faster start the car and drove to the hospital .. Shawn was with me initially .. but then decided to stop at his kindy .. thank God that he didn't ragam.. but.. pity my boy.. he didn't even take his bath.. den just went to school .. but I really have no choice.. after sending him.. I rushed to the hospital.. I think.. I've broke the traffic rules .. Red?.. I just go only .. but of course .. I make sure.. it's safe.. btw.. I think they knew that.. I'm in emergency.. my emergency lights were turned on.. I'm really scare.. really really scared.. for so many years with my hubby.. that was the first time seeing him in pain like that..

When reached at the hospital.. the nurses there.. carried him and wheel him to the emergency.. I've to let the nurses took care of him.. while I went and park the car.. really a scary moment for me.. Initially .. I was not allowed to enter the emergency.. after asking for permission just to see hubby for a while, they let me in.. I saw hubby was sleeping dy.. I went nearer.. hubby knew that I'm there.. he told.. after the jab .. he's feeling better dy.. I then went out.. let hubby rest..

Dr. told me .. possible it was cos by the batu karang.. to flush it.. hubby needs to drink plenty of water.. hubby spent 1/2 day in the emergency.. and was allowed home.. so pity .. he slept the whole afternoon.. think it was the jab la.. but it's better then seeing him in pain..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hubby admitted to hospital

... Will story more.. now very worried and sad :(

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's monday .. yeah..

It's 8.30pm.. yah.. i'm still in the office.. in my previous post.. I did mention about preparation of the demo right.. yah.. now.. I'm still here.. in the office.. was layaning my boss punya .. karenah.. aish.. he was so pissed off with me.. as .. 1 of the unit is not working properly.. i've tried to call my coleague .. who'w in-charge of the particluar item.. but he's not answering the call.. so my boss.. kept on trying.. and try .. and try.. and at last .. he gave up... shutting down the laptop.. btw.. he pressing the keyboard damn hard yo.. to show his anger to me.. bluek! I don't care.. suddenly .. heard my phone rang.. was my coleague.. ahh.. the recuer.. Thank God he called.. things solved.. but he kept on pot pet pot pet.. as if the things don't have any alternative to start off.. crap!! well.. he's a perfectionist.. damn!! .. ok.. think I'm better off now.. my tummy keeps on calling for food dy.. adios

Last Friday..

As usual.. I was on my way to work in the morning.. suddenly from far I saw.. cars queuing .. I was kinda upset.. thought the traffic light buat hal .. but then.. no no.. it's not the traffic light.. it's actually an accident.. a car with 2 cows!! .. yeah 2 cows!! .. car was kinda bad and the 2 cows.. died on the spot.. the driver.. didn't see him.. and the jam was actually cause by KayPoh driver.. (i'm one of them :P).. but I still manage to reach office on time lar .. hehe

Last friday was my busy day as well.. have to re-demo for all the products that my company will be exhibiting in Singapore... after the demo.. have to pack all the things.. (but today.. I'm still doing all the final testing and packing).

and last friday was also .. our 5S day.. yeah..5S.. Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke.. heh.. familiar with it?? .. basically .. we have to clear our desk.. spring cleaning .. the objective of this program is to strengthen the organizations excellence through simple and step by step approach with examples from successful organizations ..hehe I copy this from the printout actually :P. Believe it or not.. we stay back to do our 5S .. we stayed up to 9.30pm.. actually I can claim OT for that.. :D.. but i know.. it'll definitely not approve.. :D.. that's my last friday..

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Oh no!! after change to the new theme.. I forgotten to backup all the bloglist.. mm.. so if you're missing from the list.. be patient ya! I'll be updating.. all the list ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weekend in Putrajaya Wetland

Last weekend .. we went to the Putrajaya wetland.. Hubby wanted to ride on the boat.. but I was like.. huh? with the kids? .. what if they jump off the boat?? ishh.. told hubby don't want la.. anyway.. It was a very hot day.. alasan la :P.. so.. we end up just jalan-jalan at the tasik side.. but my boy.. aishh.. pantang nampak air!! he actually went into the water.. luckily it's at the side only.. and he's soaking wet.. no spare shirt.. wait till his shirt dried and then only we left the tasik..

Daddy, Phoebe and Shawn

Mmm... I think me and Shannelle were asleep at that time.. see what Daddy did with the other two :).. see the .. well it's not magazine.. it's the advertisement booklet.. hehe.. daddy transformed the 'book' to 'baju burung' and 'wall paper' :D

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fast and Furious 4

Taking friday half day off.. to watch this .. hehehe.. coleagues were asking .. taking off for movie?? must be our anniversary.. no no.. :P.. we really off for this movie .. only me and hubby.. been very long time.. never pijak to cinema.. ehh?? not really oso lar.. before I gave birth to Shannelle went for movie oso la.. hehe

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sunset with daddy and mummy

We went back to hubby's home town for Cheng Meng.. Me and hubby brought our Shannelle to the paddy field.. to see sunset la konon .. hehehehe

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