Monday, April 20, 2009

It's monday .. yeah..

It's 8.30pm.. yah.. i'm still in the office.. in my previous post.. I did mention about preparation of the demo right.. yah.. now.. I'm still here.. in the office.. was layaning my boss punya .. karenah.. aish.. he was so pissed off with me.. as .. 1 of the unit is not working properly.. i've tried to call my coleague .. who'w in-charge of the particluar item.. but he's not answering the call.. so my boss.. kept on trying.. and try .. and try.. and at last .. he gave up... shutting down the laptop.. btw.. he pressing the keyboard damn hard yo.. to show his anger to me.. bluek! I don't care.. suddenly .. heard my phone rang.. was my coleague.. ahh.. the recuer.. Thank God he called.. things solved.. but he kept on pot pet pot pet.. as if the things don't have any alternative to start off.. crap!! well.. he's a perfectionist.. damn!! .. ok.. think I'm better off now.. my tummy keeps on calling for food dy.. adios


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