Saturday, November 28, 2009

What a tiring holiday..

Woke up quite early in the morning.. but hubby woke up even earlier than me.. to do the laundry :P.. well was kinda tired cos had to work till quite late the night before.. neway I still manage to get up early ^_^..

Morning .. after breakfast..took few hours to fold the clothes.. btw it's the volume of 1 week for 5 persons @_@ .. anyway I enjoyed folding clothes :P. We went out around 12.30pm.. brought Shannelle to the clinic suspected that she might be allergic on something she ate as her eyes were swollen, then found out that the Antibiotic she took could be the cuprit then dr. prescribed another medication for her allergic.. ohh pity my little girl..

We're supposed to visit hubby friend for Aidiladha but they're not at home.. so headed to Seremban for the Parkson Extreme Sale!! hehe.. but Shawn threw a tantrum .. and was kinda tired to layan him.. neway still manage to buy what I wanted for my kidos .. esp the Ben10 shirts for Shawn.. normal price it'll cost $30+ but got it for $15 each.. ^_^.. After that buying for Phoebe primary 1 thingy.. uniforms, shoes, new bag, and bla bla.. and it cost me around $300!!! O_o.. after done with the shopping.. went to collect the Lihing (Wong Jiu, Rice Wine) from hubby colleague .. not for me but my brother.. the wifey gonna gave birth anytime dy ^_^ .. sent to his house .. kidos love to meet with the uncle .. cos can play PS!! after puas main.. time to go home.. reached home around 10pm dy.. What an exhausted day!! but we enjoyed the day tho! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Exactly 1 month to go!!

.. Tik Tok Tik Tok... Jingle Bell.. Jingle Bell .. Can't wait for X'mas dy!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Friday, Saturday and Sunday

- Was late to office, cos gotta collect ma Kiddos 'Report card' :D
- Results?! not so important for me as.. c'mon Kindy..I don't expect much .. Janji they learn, play and make friends and they're happy ^_^..
- Neway.. Phoebe did quite well got 2x100%.. wakaka :D
- Shawn no exam (nursery).. but got progress report oso la... needs lotsa practice for his writing skill. This was known to us as he was born with minor defect (motor).. but teacher oso said.. he's kinda lazy lately .. alamak! hehe holiday mood

- Colleague went for Cadbury warehouse sale!! so I tumpang beli.. got this for myself .. It cost only RM20.. it's cheap!! btw.. 1 large bar already inside ma tummy :D

- Watching cartoon with ma kiddos 8.00-10.00am
- Fried Bee Hoon for breakie.. btw ma kiddo not a fan of Bee Hoon :D .. Phoebe said I want Mien not this one.. but she telan anyway :D
- 11.30am.. Lunch preparation. Shannelle was kinda manja.. asyik wanna dukung.. So I cooked 1 dish only :D.
- Called up ma colleague.. asked her to buy more choc for me .. hehehehe
- Suppose to go back to Melaka after lunch.. but as it rains heavily.. we left around4pm.. Still after lunch tho' :D
- Reached Melaka around 7, lucky still in time for the relative's wedding. Wasn't able to attend d wedding cos Shannelle was having fever. So me & MIL maid babysit anak2 :D

- Morning went out for breakie with hubby..
- Afternoon was kinda sad.. ma kiddos were crying.. ma heart ache seeing them like that.. so brought them out .. and they're happy ^_^.. and I'm happy too.. don't worry Mummy & Daddy love you all so much!!
- Late afternoon balik rumah..
- Can't wait for X'mas dy.. ma kiddos surely gonna have so much fun in KK 100% guarantee :D.. Yes!! I'm going back!! Yippie!!!

That's all folks ! (think I'm bit sot dy! :D.. can't wait for X'mas!!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Phoebe's Graduation cum Concert

Yah.. she finally graduated from Kindy!! .. tapi still belum boleh cari duit sendiri la.. :D

Some updates..

Left office around 7pm.. Was happy cos.. at least it's not raining today.. so I thought all my bajus (cloths) will be drying.. but as I was exiting the Silk highway.. the road was wet.. alamak!! surely my place hujan dy :(. Hubby called up asking me to pack food for dinner.. and as usual I'll stop by at the normal food court to tapao.. but it was close .. so thought of tapao from the nearby indian corner.. but it was dark like they are not doing any business today.. aisey.. but as I passed by the shop.. They're actually open for business but.. but.. using the candles??!! I'm puzzled.. and I didn't stop to buy or ask.. so I called up hubby .. informed him that.. I'll cook for dinner la! penat pun penat la.. and the traffic also kinda bad that day.. I wonder why.. so I thought ahh may be the traffic light buat hal! as I was reaching the Broga junction.. I saw the big tiang .. 3V advertisement fell on a Van!! 2 lamp post tumbang!! 1 lamp post senget!! wow!! must be ribut taufan in Semenyih.. it happened previously too at my place .. and by the way.. the bad traffic was caused by a halted trailer in the middle of the Broga junction!! .. well that's about the updates for today :D

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hello... Just for fun

Hi all.. been leaving my blog not updated for quite a while.. below pics were taken for saja2.. :D

*** Before ***
*** After ***

Ikan masak tomato

Ayam masak kicap

*** Finally ***

Lapar punya pasal :D

That's all folks.. enjoy :D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When oh when...

When oh when I can update my blog.. this one oso .. I curi time to write something.. oops.. boss datang..

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