Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some updates..

Left office around 7pm.. Was happy cos.. at least it's not raining today.. so I thought all my bajus (cloths) will be drying.. but as I was exiting the Silk highway.. the road was wet.. alamak!! surely my place hujan dy :(. Hubby called up asking me to pack food for dinner.. and as usual I'll stop by at the normal food court to tapao.. but it was close .. so thought of tapao from the nearby indian corner.. but it was dark like they are not doing any business today.. aisey.. but as I passed by the shop.. They're actually open for business but.. but.. using the candles??!! I'm puzzled.. and I didn't stop to buy or ask.. so I called up hubby .. informed him that.. I'll cook for dinner la! penat pun penat la.. and the traffic also kinda bad that day.. I wonder why.. so I thought ahh may be the traffic light buat hal! as I was reaching the Broga junction.. I saw the big tiang .. 3V advertisement fell on a Van!! 2 lamp post tumbang!! 1 lamp post senget!! wow!! must be ribut taufan in Semenyih.. it happened previously too at my place .. and by the way.. the bad traffic was caused by a halted trailer in the middle of the Broga junction!! .. well that's about the updates for today :D


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