Saturday, November 28, 2009

What a tiring holiday..

Woke up quite early in the morning.. but hubby woke up even earlier than me.. to do the laundry :P.. well was kinda tired cos had to work till quite late the night before.. neway I still manage to get up early ^_^..

Morning .. after breakfast..took few hours to fold the clothes.. btw it's the volume of 1 week for 5 persons @_@ .. anyway I enjoyed folding clothes :P. We went out around 12.30pm.. brought Shannelle to the clinic suspected that she might be allergic on something she ate as her eyes were swollen, then found out that the Antibiotic she took could be the cuprit then dr. prescribed another medication for her allergic.. ohh pity my little girl..

We're supposed to visit hubby friend for Aidiladha but they're not at home.. so headed to Seremban for the Parkson Extreme Sale!! hehe.. but Shawn threw a tantrum .. and was kinda tired to layan him.. neway still manage to buy what I wanted for my kidos .. esp the Ben10 shirts for Shawn.. normal price it'll cost $30+ but got it for $15 each.. ^_^.. After that buying for Phoebe primary 1 thingy.. uniforms, shoes, new bag, and bla bla.. and it cost me around $300!!! O_o.. after done with the shopping.. went to collect the Lihing (Wong Jiu, Rice Wine) from hubby colleague .. not for me but my brother.. the wifey gonna gave birth anytime dy ^_^ .. sent to his house .. kidos love to meet with the uncle .. cos can play PS!! after puas main.. time to go home.. reached home around 10pm dy.. What an exhausted day!! but we enjoyed the day tho! :)


Cath J said...

Mcm ni lah sudah jadi mummy kan.. penat but enjoy....

we enjoyed that tiring moment..hahahhaa

Kiaw said...

mmmm.... ada lihing lagi... congrats to Peter the father to be~~~~

Evelyn Laiyap said...

Cath J
Yah bah.. penat mana pun.. enjoy juga bah.. tapi.. kadang2 bikin naik angin juga :D

Sia pun inda sabar mau makan tu WongJiu Kai :D.. makanan paling sadap slurp slurp...
Thx Kiaw..nnt sa kastau si Peter

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