Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You'll always be remembered

It's been 6 months that you've left us, but you'll always be remembered my dearest Taiko. The Christmas gathering was totally different without your present, I really wish that you are still around.

Went and visit my Taiko grave, it's such a heartache. I tried not to cry, but I just couldn't stop my tears from flowing down. After visiting Taiko's grave, we went to Khan's house to collect some of my brother's belonging. Again.. I cried.. too much for me to bear..

Eventhough you're no longer here my dearest Taiko, I'm still wishing you a Happy Xmas .. hehe.. silly me .. I wish you're able to see this from up there :D

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Celebration , Family Gathering, Pressies and Aramaitieeeee!!!

Think just let the pictures tell the story ya.. hehe.. dunno how to tell here.. it'll definitely be very long post..

my younger sis Vyea.. nah.. moginum time.. :D

Yoo hoo.. Mabuk ka tu Khan.. :D

Ah Fung , anak & me (tired face) , anak..


Daddy , daddy friend and mummy (tired face )

Si Shawn .. always play with the dog..

Si daddy.. preparing for Karaoke session.. hehe

My Shawn.. hehe

Shawn & cousin Michellea

My youngest bro..Gerald.. and my Kiddos

Youngest sis with nephew Ah Jie, nephew friend and my Shannelle

very sibuk..

Buka present time

Buka present time

Ma younger bro Ah Cai.. playing with Phoebe

Si Ah Lai and ma Sis I-Chel

Si Gerald sama GF.. and the adiks.

Me, Shannelle and nephew Junior

Mummy sibuk sedia makan .. Thx mummy

ma sis Si Tracy and Dimple

ma pregnant sis Sandra, Dimple with Sandra dotter and Tracy.. and Shannelle nenening.. hehe

Back to work

After a week holiday for Xmas.. now m back to work again.. huhu~. Life goes on neh.. well.. waiting for another holiday :D .. CNY coming soon de..

Less blogging lately due to busy for Xmas and Aramaitiee!! hehe .. will be posting up some pics.. soon .. pics were taken during Xmas eve .. gathering at Pui Yee's house for Aunties, uncles and Kiddos.. but.. only hubby went for the gathering as the rest .. still working bah!.. :D.. din carry our own camera.. left inside the car at my bro place in NILAI!!!!! well when he came back.. he did brought the camera along .. but.. pity hubby.. he's been suffering for few days.. cameraless :D.. the pics here taken mostly by hubby but using Ah Kiaw camera :D.. and these pics actually I grab it from her blog too :P:P .. Kiaw.. Sia pinjam kama tapi inda kasi balik :)))).. we enjoyed so much.. kids enjoyed so much too got pressies :D ..ok let the pics tell the story.. enjoy!!

The aunties L-R.. Pui Yee , me, Kerk Mei and Kiaw

The uncle.. only my hubby :D.. the rest working

Patrick and Phoebe enjoying Xmas cake

Pui Yee and dotter Samantha

Aisey my Phoebe.. tot is her birthday .. :D

Mummies and Kids

Patrick , Phoebe and Valerie

Xmas Cake!!

My Shawn hugging Samantha

My Shannelle possing maut!! hahaha

The Kiddos



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