Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2nd CDs for Sale

Hi All. I'm selling off 3 of my CDs. All of them gently used less than 3 months.
1. My Precious Baby (L) selling at RM55.
2. Drybees Fleece Pocket (L) selling at RM53
3. Dream Eze AIO (XL) selling at RM65

Prices inclusive of shipping. Thanks Ya!


Mama Natra said...

is it still available all of your cloth diapeR?
pls email me....suzylarina@yahoo.com

Aunty J said...

Is the MPB still available?

Evelyn LG said...

Mama Natra
Sorry.. didn't chk this earlier :P.. Ya.. all are still available
Aunty J
Sorry .. was too busy to check on this.. yes.. the MPB is still available :)

scudmami said...

is dream eze still available???

Oliver Nathan said...


Is your MPB still available?

Can u email me your reply



Molly said...

I want the MPB please.. thank you

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