Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Celebration , Family Gathering, Pressies and Aramaitieeeee!!!

Think just let the pictures tell the story ya.. hehe.. dunno how to tell here.. it'll definitely be very long post..

my younger sis Vyea.. nah.. moginum time.. :D

Yoo hoo.. Mabuk ka tu Khan.. :D

Ah Fung , anak & me (tired face) , anak..


Daddy , daddy friend and mummy (tired face )

Si Shawn .. always play with the dog..

Si daddy.. preparing for Karaoke session.. hehe

My Shawn.. hehe

Shawn & cousin Michellea

My youngest bro..Gerald.. and my Kiddos

Youngest sis with nephew Ah Jie, nephew friend and my Shannelle

very sibuk..

Buka present time

Buka present time

Ma younger bro Ah Cai.. playing with Phoebe

Si Ah Lai and ma Sis I-Chel

Si Gerald sama GF.. and the adiks.

Me, Shannelle and nephew Junior

Mummy sibuk sedia makan .. Thx mummy

ma sis Si Tracy and Dimple

ma pregnant sis Sandra, Dimple with Sandra dotter and Tracy.. and Shannelle nenening.. hehe


Pen said...

This looks like it was a fun party! it is always great to have family and friends together!
Novelty Pens

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