Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Clearing Leave

Everyone is clearing their annual leave. Hubby is also clearing his leaves starting from today, as for me I've no more leave to clear :D. I'm very happy today as hubby sent me to work and will be fetching me home .. hehehe siok also sometime ada driver. Hubby even accompany me for breakie, really feel nice. Long time never makan berdua-duaan :D. This month is suppose to be an unproductive months as many people is taking off, but not for me :(. I'm still busy with work, never ending work but I'm happy today as my surbodinate completed his task earlier and I can now feel relax to go for my half day leave tomorrow.


JPP Papa said... here :)

I totally understand the feeling. Everyone in my office clearing leave and some too many wish they can give me. Sadly my work doesn't care ihave leave or not.. sad..

oops..sorry... what i want to say is Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009.

Peace from all my family :D

Evelyn LG said...

JPP Papa
Yoohoo.. thx for dropping by.

I'm flying back to KK ni bisuk. Can't wait dy, but this morning sudah kena panggil boss telling me to make sure the demo for next monday will be completed as planned.. alamak ni boss.. sia next week cuti 1 minggu pun mau lagi suruh :P. Anyway.. I also wanna wish ya a very Happy Christmas and New Year!!

日月神教-任我行 said...


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