Sunday, November 21, 2010

Santa Clause is coming to town...

Yeah.. soon gonna be Christmas.. ar well.. am actually already in the Christmas mood.. but .. but.. am not going back to my home town this year.. very sad :( indeed.. really wish to be home..
Am now in the Philippine.. and can really feel the Christmas mood here.. so happening!!.. The place that I'm staying, they've started decorating their house .. too bad that I don't have my camera here, else.. I'll surely take and post up here.. hehe

Really, really wish to be back to home town.. :'(

Merry Christmas to all.. hahahahahha .. it's still too early tho'

Monday, November 15, 2010

Outstation mode..

Yeah.. am in Philippine again.. was quite a tiring day.. it's not the work tho', it's the traveling thingy.. checked-in to the 'hotel' around 5.30pm.. hehe.. did you see the quote i put .. in the 'hotel' word.. well am actually staying in the company rented house.. :P

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me.. so gotta sleep early.. (I hope.. i can :p).. so till then..

Monday, November 8, 2010


Argghh.. ! am really stress.. !! Feel like doing something silly :D .. like speeding in the highway .. yeah sounds crazy huh!.. but thank God lar that I'm still sane :p.. Wish to have any game console for me to play too.. argghhh!!!.. used to have that long2 time ago.. errr loan one tho' :D .. it's belong to my brother .. that will definitely helps a lot!! .. Hubby.. if you ever read this... hehehe.. my wish list since long long time ago.. hahaha.. for my Xmas pressie??? .. :P:P

Stress or no stress.. I still have to complete my task! that's my motto :) .. Yes!! I can do it!! haha gotta think positively at this moment.. Yes!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh my dear blog ..

Well well.. left unattended, not updated .. pity my dear blog :D.. wokie just would like to update a little..

Life been very busy.. but my FB status will still get updated frequently :D, cos it took just abt a minute to update the status.. but as for my blog.. hmm .. gotta do some thinking of what to be put in the blog :D.. and I'm still thinking now .. :P.

Today.. well actually was yesterday .. as time now showing 12.28am ..accidentally spilled HOT oil onto my toes.. well not really spilled actually.. a big drop of HOT oil. Not too sure how it happened, may be while transfering the oil to the pot after frying the fish.. the only thing that i knew was.. it's HOT!!! but of cos I didn't cry like a baby lar.. :P.. Tahan only lar..

hmm.. what else ya? .. oh.. will be outstation again .. definitely will gonna miss home but.. work commitment .. a little stress now, as there're lot more to do.. am crossing fingers that it can complete by that time.. crossing , crossing, crossing.. :D

Ok think.. that's for now :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm a chips more

Yeah.. been missing for a while here.. and why am I here now?? mmm.. think may be I'm a bit stressed out with work.. and it's actually 3 a.m now :D.. but good tho', I managed to do some house chores without anyone disturbing :D.. ya my kiddos.. they're all asleep now.. plus can update my blog :D.

Brain actually kinda not functioning properly.. sigh .. so can't think what to bla.. well I guess .. that's for now.. :P.. Lemme try to sleep.. if you're seeing me updating again after this post.. means..attempts to sleep FAIL.. :D

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wow! it's been a while

Pity.. been abandon this blog for many months.. will be updating soon yah.. ^^! .. crossing my finger :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Flying from KL to KK took 5 hours!!! :D

Ok.. let me start with my journey first.. on Saturday.. we went back to Melaka to fetch MIL and maid back to my house since I'm going outstation to Phillipine the next day.. but then hubby decided .. to stay overnight.. so will send me directly from Melaka to KLIA the next day.

On Sunday.. which is yesterday.. got up early and left Melaka around 5.45am.. since it's still early.. we stopped at Seremban rest area for breakie. After breakie, then straight to KLIA.. hubby dropped me at the KLIA and I said bye2 to everybody.. was so sad.. my Shawn boy was crying.. sob sob.. he said.. I want mummy.. sob sob...

:D.. Ok back to the flying thingiy..It happened yesterday.. well actually.. was not really flying direct from KL to KK.. .. ok.. plane was suppose to depart from KLIA at 10.15am to Manila.. we were at the boarding hall waiting for the plane dy.. and suddenly.. there's an announcement.. said.. we've to change to another gate.. hmm.. ok.. when we were there.. huh.. such a long queue!! ok.. we're in the new waiting area.. and a moment later.. there's an announcement again.. saying.. 'Attention to ladies and gentlement... this is an delayed announcement.." I was like .. !!!.. was delayed to 11.00am.. ok lar.. 45 mins of wait still ok for me... then at 11am.. boarded the flight and.. flying to Manila.. was suppose to reach Manila airport in 3 1/2 hours only... means.. supposed to land at 2.30pm.. but then there's an announcement from the captain.. saying.. we're unable to land as there's a storm in Phillipine.. and congestion in the airport traffic.. so the plane.. flying and flying and flying.. and announcement again.. and still the plane can't land due to the storm and congestion.. urghhh!!!!..

Ok while in the plane.. we actually had some in-flight entertainment.. :D .. well I'm not saying the plane.. but actually.. on the same flight.. there're 2 bapuk/pondan.. .. wow!! damn cun punya!! .. the 2 of them .. were doing some cat walk show.. :D.. well actually.. they went to peepee.. many times.. :D so it looks like fashion show lar.. :D..

Ok ok.. back to flight story.. the next announcement.. still the same.. so later.. the captain announced that.. have to detour to KK!! I was like what??!!!.. but deep down in my heart says .. Yay!!! I'm going back to my home town :D.. and I was praying that.. delayed to another day.. so that I can pulang tidur with my family :P:P:P.. I called up mom and sista.. stanby in case :D.. but then.. after an hour waiting.. they announced that.. will be flying to Manila.. in 10 minutes time.. I was like.. haiya.. k not go home :P.. so everyone was queuing up for boarding ...

Ok.. everyone was inside the plane.. but of course the crew had to double check in case anyone was left behind.. true enough.. 1 fella goes missing :D.. after waited for another 15 minutes.. the missing fella entered .. everyone was so happy and clapped their hands.. hahahah.. so departed KK around 6.30pm.... and reached Manila.. 8pm.. arrrgghhh.. finally.. was really a tiring day..

Well.. that's all folks :D.. hehe.. lengthy post ya!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Chickenpox attack!!

2 weeks ago.. Shawn got the chickenpox.. but he was allowed to go to the kindy cum day care but of course .. isolated from the other students.. and now.. Phoebe got it.. btw.. Shannelle got it when she was 1 yr old.. so Phoebe is the last one to get this.. but this time.. the day care not allowing her to come.. aduh.. headached thinking of this.. at least it takes 1 week for the chikypoxie to dry up.. I've no choice but to take off to care for her.. May be have to take off alternately with hubby.. hmmm pening.. pening .. pening...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Outstation 2nd and 3rd day

The office

Inside the control room

Message board in the highway

Colleague configuring the message board

The highway

On the bridge - with the message board

.. K.. the 2nd day.. well.. spent the whole day at site.. actually my visit there was just to look and get familiar with their system (need to support them at the later stage *sweat*). The whole morning.. was inside their control room .. was a great experience for me! I'm able to see the traffic condition in the highway.. and later in the afternoon, we went to the bridge with the message board.. and I climbed up the bridge!! and I can view the the highway from up there..It's really an experience!!

My 3rd day.. the last day.. I went to the control room again in the morning.. but it's only for few hours.. can't see much.. while they're testing on the system.. I have to leave as I need to catch my flight to go back to Malaysia.. well that's about my work in Phillipine.. hmm.. I have the feeling that.. I might be flying back to Phillipine again.. till then..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outstation .. 1st Day

Today is the 2nd day in Manila.. yay! be going back to Msia tomorrow.. 2nd day.. I got up quite early.. 7.10am.. may be.. am used to wake up early .. ok before I talk about my 2nd day.. let me tell the unfortunate 1st day..

Me and my colleague Edwin departed KLIA 10.15am.. we were told that we'll be flying with another group.. but didn't see them anywhere.. well may be they've checked-in earlier..while waiting in the waiting area.. didn't see them anywhere too.. Edwin told me.. well.. may be there're somewhere.. well we somehow.. ignore it till we arrived Manila NAIA.. we waited for them .. thought we'll be meeting them at the lobby.. Gosh!! none of them were there.. well.. we just smsed another colleague.. reached earlier in Manila.. and another suprise!! he didn't know that .. we're arriving on that day!!! huarghhh.. he told us to get a cab to Paseo.. cos he's still in the meeting.. so there.. we hired a cab.. cab driver asked.. where to.. so we said.. Paseo.. Sta Rosa.. he seems a bit blur.. and asked us.. Paseo???.. oh no... how to explain.. m a foreigner there... he should know better than us...tsk tsk.. aduhhh... drive and drive and drive.. he actually dunno where's the place.. so he stopped and ask someone.. then he told us.. we're in the wrong direction!!! but my colleague.. said.. eh.. we're almost there.. I remembered this place... well.. he came once .. but of course.. can't really recall the place.. but somehow..he guided the cab driver till the exact location.. hahahaha.. apala.... hmm mau mintak tips somemore.. I've no choice but to give.. cos.. no small change.. ishhh.. k lar.. we reached and called the other colleague.. Chow.. hmm said.. he's still in the meeting.. thank God.. there got fast food.. so waited for him in Jolibee.. After 1/2 hour.. he came and picked us up.. asking us.. where's the hotel.. we told him.. we dunno which hotel.. they should know..!! another suprise.. He didn't know that .. they've to book the hotel for us!!!! hahahahah what a joke!!.. so Edwin suggested to just walk-in and try our luck.. so we went to El-Cielito Hotels.. gosh.. left 1 room only available.. so.. booked for myself first la.. he said.. he'll be going to the company rented house.. (nice area.. gated one).. ok.. so.. I checked-in .. and say byebye to them...

Went up to my room.. then suddenly.. remember.. eh.. dinner leh??? ohhh.. and somemore.. my hp roaming still not activated.. arrrgghhh... suddenly.. I heard someone calling my name .. ohh it's Edwin... i opened up.. and he said.. eh.. Dinner lar.. hahahhah..

Gosh!!! it's been.. really an unlucky day !!! but.. ok lar.. not so bad oso lar.. Chow belanja makan.. hehehehe.. well.. that's about my 1st day of outstation in Manila....

To be cont...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Blogging from Manila...

I wanted to blog.. but.. am very tired now.. eyes.. mau tutup dy.. and my battery gonna die soon.. oops.. din bring the converter.. aiyak.. most of all.. I regretted didn't bring along the camera.. use my hp to capture.. but just now.. found out that... there're no pics captured.. :((.. aisshhhh...

and... I miss my 3 kiddos at home.. ehh... 4.. My biggest kiddo :D.. really miss them so much.. tomorrow.. gonna b on site.. to see see look look... :D.. will be a long day... arghhh... oh ya .. forgot to tell.. err.. later lar.. mau zzzzz liao... damn sleepy... Good nite first lar.. :D..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello.. I'm back..!!

Oh.. How i miss blogging.. left this blog unattended for .. quite some times.. hmm.. actually lotsa things happened.. but don't think I can blog all here.. haha.. hmm k la..I'll just start blogging what's happening currently.. hehe..

May be some of you.. aware that I've resigned from my previous company.. yeah.. I resigned after 7 1/2 yrs there.. frankly.. I missed my old company.. especially my lunch gang!! we're like brothers & sisters.. :D.. well.. we're still in-touch tho..

Now.. worked exactly a week in my new company.. hmm still too early to comment :D .. but working with this new company requires me sometime to travel.. and to my suprise.. I was told by my colleague.. that I need to fly to Phillipine this coming monday!! ohh.. it's really too soon for me.. initially I was told that .. I may need to be there for a week!! but I was like.. huh??!! I'm only a week old in this company.. I'm still new with their system.. I expressed my concern to my colleague.. and he too thought .. 1 week is a bit too long, so went and discuss with PIC of the trip.. and manage to shorten my trip to 3 days only.. yay!!!.. but the rest will be a week there.. :P .. I hope there'll be no more suprise trip after this..

hmm.. think that's for now.. will update again .. *crossing finger*

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Monday..

Monday.. got up around 5.15am.. but am still very sleepy.. so I told myself.. sleep for another 5 mins la.. but my alarm.. no longer in snooze mode :D.. so I accidentally got up 15 mins later :P.. oh my .. so then I quickly.. took all the shirts for ironing.. (was suppose to be done .. the night b4).. , then get the milk ready for all of them.. yeah they need their milk b4 waking up .. their school bags, clothes for after school.. etc .. etc.. (arrghh.. all these suppose to be done nite b4 too!!) .. :P:P:P

After everything done.. wake Phoebe up.. (difficult task!!.. DD have to carry her to the bathroom).. after her .. my turn.. then Shawn's and DD.. MeiMei (Shannelle is still in her dreamland).. Me and Phoebe left earlier.. cos.. I start working at 8am .. and her class 7.30am.. went to see her Class Teacher.. need to inform her.. 1 of Phoebe's exercise book .. missing!!.. hmm.. cos MeiMei threw it from 3rd floor, and..mmm.. may be I'll story this in my next post..

After sending Phoebe.. then me vroom to office.. have to went through 3 tolls!!.. 1st.. 2nd.. and the 3rd one.. when I'm out from the 3rd toll.. there's this orange/brown kelisa.. tailgating me.. aiks.. so.. I can't move to the another lane as there's a car there .. so the kelisa driver keeps on.. following so near to me.. I was kinda pissed and feel like stepping on the break!!.. uhhh.. so when I'm able to shift to the middle lane.. she overtook me.. and ego punya pasal.. I then .. tailgate her :P:P:P.. until.. I almost reached the junction to my office.. grrrrr!! but then I felt bad.. I shouldn't be doing that.. accident can happen..

So .. if this ever happen to you.. please Inhale... like normal.. don't follow your emotion .. Safe Drive ya!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Funny stuff by my crazy coleagues :D

Hmm.. mebbe they all demam IPhone :D..
I love this sooo much.. wakakaka.. good for distress :D

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Wishing all a very blessed and happy Easter!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How could they do this ...

A friend of mine forwarded below link to me.. was so heartache reading the posts.. how could they treat such lovely dogs that way.. :( ..sobbing

Friday, January 15, 2010

K3K Giant Curry puff

Me & lunch gang went to K3K kuchai lama for lunchie.. and Kenji bought this Giant puff!! Ah Tham said.. if any of you can finish this.. I belanja you all makan!! :D.. I think.. if really I telan this alone.. m not going to eat curry puff at least 1 month!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I will try... but

Yah.. I will try to update my blog.. but seems so hard for me to find some time to update my blog.. got lotsa things to talk about.. my Xmas.. my holiday back in my home town.. but will do that when time permits.. for now.. am just stopping by to say hi to all.. :).. will be back.. stay tune :D

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