Saturday, June 26, 2010

Outstation 2nd and 3rd day

The office

Inside the control room

Message board in the highway

Colleague configuring the message board

The highway

On the bridge - with the message board

.. K.. the 2nd day.. well.. spent the whole day at site.. actually my visit there was just to look and get familiar with their system (need to support them at the later stage *sweat*). The whole morning.. was inside their control room .. was a great experience for me! I'm able to see the traffic condition in the highway.. and later in the afternoon, we went to the bridge with the message board.. and I climbed up the bridge!! and I can view the the highway from up there..It's really an experience!!

My 3rd day.. the last day.. I went to the control room again in the morning.. but it's only for few hours.. can't see much.. while they're testing on the system.. I have to leave as I need to catch my flight to go back to Malaysia.. well that's about my work in Phillipine.. hmm.. I have the feeling that.. I might be flying back to Phillipine again.. till then..


Cath J said...

Wow best... it's a great experience... ^_^... wah nxt time boleh jadi tour guide suda lah :)

Donny Ien said...

Salam kenal,
Great experience ni..murah ka barang sana?

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