Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello.. I'm back..!!

Oh.. How i miss blogging.. left this blog unattended for .. quite some times.. hmm.. actually lotsa things happened.. but don't think I can blog all here.. haha.. hmm k la..I'll just start blogging what's happening currently.. hehe..

May be some of you.. aware that I've resigned from my previous company.. yeah.. I resigned after 7 1/2 yrs there.. frankly.. I missed my old company.. especially my lunch gang!! we're like brothers & sisters.. :D.. well.. we're still in-touch tho..

Now.. worked exactly a week in my new company.. hmm still too early to comment :D .. but working with this new company requires me sometime to travel.. and to my suprise.. I was told by my colleague.. that I need to fly to Phillipine this coming monday!! ohh.. it's really too soon for me.. initially I was told that .. I may need to be there for a week!! but I was like.. huh??!! I'm only a week old in this company.. I'm still new with their system.. I expressed my concern to my colleague.. and he too thought .. 1 week is a bit too long, so went and discuss with PIC of the trip.. and manage to shorten my trip to 3 days only.. yay!!!.. but the rest will be a week there.. :P .. I hope there'll be no more suprise trip after this..

hmm.. think that's for now.. will update again .. *crossing finger*


Miche said...

syiok-nye dapat fly here and there. good that u trained ur hubby to jaga anak2 from the very beginning. :P no worries when u need to leave them behind for a few days. ;)

chegu carol said...

welcome back! :)

Evelyn Laiyap said...

Hehe.. syiok??!! Actually m not ready to fly yet.. tak biasa tinggalkan they all.. sebak lar..

chegu carol
^_^ TQ.. harap.. sia bleh update frequent ni.. :D

Cath J said...

Take it as a challenge lah... and bawa camera!!! can blog about places... ^_^

Evelyn Laiyap said...

Cath.. camera sia a bit besar bah.. mebbe this time.. suruh org ja angkat :D..

Just said...

Resigned after 7 1/2 years?! Misti tough decision kan? Anyway, m sure it's for good of coz! :D

Wow.. traveling??! Kalau anak2 sdh besar, ok ja ba tu kan.. specially kalau the big kiddo ada! Heheheh..

All the best! ;p

Evelyn Laiyap said...

Just.. mmg tough decision.. itu pun.. sia pernah resigned previously.. tp tarik balik jg.. cos 1, counter offer ok juga lar.. 2ndly..mmg susah mau kasi tinggal kawan2.. but this time.. i said.. I must go walau apa after 7 1/2 yrs.. sia resigned finally.. tough.. was really really tough...

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