Monday, July 26, 2010

Flying from KL to KK took 5 hours!!! :D

Ok.. let me start with my journey first.. on Saturday.. we went back to Melaka to fetch MIL and maid back to my house since I'm going outstation to Phillipine the next day.. but then hubby decided .. to stay overnight.. so will send me directly from Melaka to KLIA the next day.

On Sunday.. which is yesterday.. got up early and left Melaka around 5.45am.. since it's still early.. we stopped at Seremban rest area for breakie. After breakie, then straight to KLIA.. hubby dropped me at the KLIA and I said bye2 to everybody.. was so sad.. my Shawn boy was crying.. sob sob.. he said.. I want mummy.. sob sob...

:D.. Ok back to the flying thingiy..It happened yesterday.. well actually.. was not really flying direct from KL to KK.. .. ok.. plane was suppose to depart from KLIA at 10.15am to Manila.. we were at the boarding hall waiting for the plane dy.. and suddenly.. there's an announcement.. said.. we've to change to another gate.. hmm.. ok.. when we were there.. huh.. such a long queue!! ok.. we're in the new waiting area.. and a moment later.. there's an announcement again.. saying.. 'Attention to ladies and gentlement... this is an delayed announcement.." I was like .. !!!.. was delayed to 11.00am.. ok lar.. 45 mins of wait still ok for me... then at 11am.. boarded the flight and.. flying to Manila.. was suppose to reach Manila airport in 3 1/2 hours only... means.. supposed to land at 2.30pm.. but then there's an announcement from the captain.. saying.. we're unable to land as there's a storm in Phillipine.. and congestion in the airport traffic.. so the plane.. flying and flying and flying.. and announcement again.. and still the plane can't land due to the storm and congestion.. urghhh!!!!..

Ok while in the plane.. we actually had some in-flight entertainment.. :D .. well I'm not saying the plane.. but actually.. on the same flight.. there're 2 bapuk/pondan.. .. wow!! damn cun punya!! .. the 2 of them .. were doing some cat walk show.. :D.. well actually.. they went to peepee.. many times.. :D so it looks like fashion show lar.. :D..

Ok ok.. back to flight story.. the next announcement.. still the same.. so later.. the captain announced that.. have to detour to KK!! I was like what??!!!.. but deep down in my heart says .. Yay!!! I'm going back to my home town :D.. and I was praying that.. delayed to another day.. so that I can pulang tidur with my family :P:P:P.. I called up mom and sista.. stanby in case :D.. but then.. after an hour waiting.. they announced that.. will be flying to Manila.. in 10 minutes time.. I was like.. haiya.. k not go home :P.. so everyone was queuing up for boarding ...

Ok.. everyone was inside the plane.. but of course the crew had to double check in case anyone was left behind.. true enough.. 1 fella goes missing :D.. after waited for another 15 minutes.. the missing fella entered .. everyone was so happy and clapped their hands.. hahahah.. so departed KK around 6.30pm.... and reached Manila.. 8pm.. arrrgghhh.. finally.. was really a tiring day..

Well.. that's all folks :D.. hehe.. lengthy post ya!!


Cath J said...

wahhhhh what a long day!!!

sempat lagi tu mau tidur kk konon2... hihihi

Evelyn Laiyap said...

memang bah Cath.. mau memek sudah oh.. ni buttock sia :D.. sia betul2 harap oh kena delay.. hahahah bulih jg pulang tidur.. :D

Anonymous said...

how nice kan kalau memang betul betul kau terstop in kk so one day..syiok oh tu :) I wanna go home pula after reading this post...hahahahahha

Anyway how are you? been long time sudah ni since kita "bercerita" in blogsphere...heheheh

Evelyn Laiyap said...

Hi Mel.. tu la bah.. sia cross2 tu finger harap kena delay bah :D.. dui.. evil heart oh sia.. tia pikir pasal org lain :D.

Me?.. dui..been very very busy.. tu la tu.. kadang u see chipsmore in my blog :D.. hope after this.. will have more time to update :)

CJane said...

Siok juga baca your blog ni. :D

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