Monday, November 15, 2010

Outstation mode..

Yeah.. am in Philippine again.. was quite a tiring day.. it's not the work tho', it's the traveling thingy.. checked-in to the 'hotel' around 5.30pm.. hehe.. did you see the quote i put .. in the 'hotel' word.. well am actually staying in the company rented house.. :P

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me.. so gotta sleep early.. (I hope.. i can :p).. so till then..


chegu carol said...

hi evelyn...can i ask for one favor. itu pun kalu ko ada time mo berjalan sana la...can you buy me a fridge magnet of manila/phillipines? masa sia pigi dulu, sia tiada teringat mo beli bah. but only if u have time kio. if not, dont trouble urself.

Evelyn Laiyap said... prob bah..Sa cuba ya, if bleh dpt sa buzz ko nnt :)

chegu carol said...

thank you very much :)

Anonymous said...

what are you doing there?? Holiday or kerja?? Syiok oh..jalan jalan ni :)

Evelyn Laiyap said...

Mel.. how I wish to jalan2 ni.. but sadly said.. pi kerja bah.. no time at all ohh.. mau jalan.. routine dia.. Bangun, breakfast , ofis, lunch , ofis, dinner or sometimes.. jadi supper.. nah.. ko tingu.. teda masa bah.. mo pi jalan ni..

JohnOliver said...

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