Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to work

After a week holiday for Xmas.. now m back to work again.. huhu~. Life goes on neh.. well.. waiting for another holiday :D .. CNY coming soon de..

Less blogging lately due to busy for Xmas and Aramaitiee!! hehe .. will be posting up some pics.. soon .. pics were taken during Xmas eve .. gathering at Pui Yee's house for Aunties, uncles and Kiddos.. but.. only hubby went for the gathering as the rest .. still working bah!.. :D.. din carry our own camera.. left inside the car at my bro place in NILAI!!!!! well when he came back.. he did brought the camera along .. but.. pity hubby.. he's been suffering for few days.. cameraless :D.. the pics here taken mostly by hubby but using Ah Kiaw camera :D.. and these pics actually I grab it from her blog too :P:P .. Kiaw.. Sia pinjam kama tapi inda kasi balik :)))).. we enjoyed so much.. kids enjoyed so much too got pressies :D ..ok let the pics tell the story.. enjoy!!

The aunties L-R.. Pui Yee , me, Kerk Mei and Kiaw

The uncle.. only my hubby :D.. the rest working

Patrick and Phoebe enjoying Xmas cake

Pui Yee and dotter Samantha

Aisey my Phoebe.. tot is her birthday .. :D

Mummies and Kids

Patrick , Phoebe and Valerie

Xmas Cake!!

My Shawn hugging Samantha

My Shannelle possing maut!! hahaha

The Kiddos




Kadus_Mama said...

Hi!! Happy New Year 2009 to u too...

NanC said...

wah.. old classmates gathering ooo...nice nye..... :p

Jess said...

looks like you are having fun balik kampung!

Happy New Year!

Deana E said...

ha ha at first i thot you are my aunty as she also evelyn G- same age with me but still my aunty, then i thot u are kadusmama tity...hehe..thank u for dropping by my blog..merry christmas and happy new year too..

Evelyn LG said...

Tq tq!

Yah bah.. every year we ada gathering.. well of cos bila sia balik la :D

Yes!! So much fun, but now back to work liao :p

:D .. Ramai bah sama nama, have a wonderful Holiday ya!

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