Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blogging from KK

Yes!! I'm back to KK .. Yippie!!! I reached.. well actually yesterday.. but was to tired to blog .. cos the night before or should I said.. early in the morning b4 flying.. was still packing all the bajus .. hehehe.. normal ler.. last minute.. I slept around 2.30am .. and someone actually accompany me.. my boy ..Shawn.. while I was busy packing.. he's busy with the Toy Story ..aish.. after packing done, went for zzzz.

Hubby got up around 5.00am.. as usual.. he'll surely go and kacau me.. ask me to wake up as well.. told him.. to back off!! hehehe else I mengamuk :P:P .. he keeps on kacau.. urrghh... then my Shannelle pulak bangun.. alamak!! like this .. cannot continue sleep liao.. :( .. ok la since we need to leave earlier oso. We left home around 7.45am.. My kids were so excited especially my Phoebe, she's been asking since a week b4 flying.. 'We going to the aeroplane ar mummy... ' hehe kids nowadays..

On the way to the airport, I told hubby need to get a padlock, so we stopped by in one of the petrol station to buy, but they're not selling any padlock... alamak ok la.. and when hubby reversed the car.. suddenly E braked!!! alamak.. ter nudged someone's car.. the car owner a bit angry .. 'Macam mana you tak bleh nampak my car'.. but after checking the car, it's actually only a minor thing so .. he said.. it's ok la.. Thank God.. else.. kena layan this.. I think.. surely we'll miss the flight. Ok off and went to fetch my bro, we'll normally leave the car in my brother's place when going back to KK. My brother will be going back as well, but later so ask him to drive the car back to the house after sending us.

It gives me a shock when seing inside the airport!! it's damn pack!! all the counters... very long queue.. well we've no choice but to join the crowd .. after checked-in, hubby asked to go for breakie.. but but.. it's so damn pack, told hubby we packed burgers from mcD only la.. well it's not easy to take care of 3 kids.. in such a crowded place..!! after tapao .. terus boarding dy.. ok while waiting for departure... my Phoebe and Shawn.. aishh.. surely will explore all over.. hubby said.. let them be like that la.. as long as we keep an eye on them... and finally.. passengers of AK5122 was called to queue up.. ahhhh m so glad.. but when I was looking at the q, I told hubby.. a bit regret didn't get for priority.. but lucky enough.. all of us was in the same row.. pheww!! ..

While in the flight.. I was hoping that my Phoebe and Shawn will behave.. alamak... for only .. I think 15 mins.. the 2 of them can tahan.. I told hubby to get the color pencils and the notepads for them.. ok.. they're sitting quietly and enjoying their drawing.. but it's only for 15mins too!!! arrrhhhgg.. then both of them saying wanna shhe shhe.. hubby brought them to the toilet.. but hubby dunno was.. Phoebe was heading to the back toilet while he and Shawn went to the front toilet.. called hubby but he didn't hear me.. aishh.. I saw Phoebe entered the toilet.. and hubby still dunno what was going on.. when he turned .. I told him.. Phoebe went into the toilet dy.. he quickly went to the back toilet and left Shawn infront.. I've to keep an eye on Shawn.. I can't help hubby as I was carrying sleeping Shannelle.. well everything lasted for about 1.5 hours.. and till the 2 of them fell asleep... me and hubby looked at each other and smiled.. I told hubby .. it was only a 2.5 hrs journey.. how about longer journey.. :D ..

and Finally.. one of the stewardess announced that plane will be touching down.. arrhhh .. finally... I'm in KK.. hehehe another long posting..Adios


Minsulod said...

sis must be happy ni kan.
Merry christmas to u and your family. Enjoy your christmas k.
Happy blessed new year too. GBU

Evelyn LG said...

Happy Merry Xmas to you too!!

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