Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's 7pm.. but I still can't leave the office sob sob :-( .. I've to wait for an email reply.. and that's not all.. I've to debug the coding (heh.. it's a jargon huh).. well I'm a programmer that's my job .. arghhh!! I wanna eat.. but no appetite lah.. lucky I got lotsa keropok in my drawer ^_^ .. and got lotsa can drinks here (1.5 carton.. my collection from lunch subsidy).. wakakaka.. but of course I'm not going to drink all of them.. so while waiting for the email.. I blog la.. oops.. my boss is back !! .. ok the guy is online now.. multitasking now.. he's in Turkey.. I'm here.. supporting him.. pity me.. everyone is home except me and my boss.. crap!! .. ok.. gotta fully support that guy now.. Adios!!


Minsulod said...

hi sis,
hope you are doing well there. Take care sis. GBU

TigerlilyBorneo said...

I know how you feel dear. I once had to do a voice over (because tidak minta bayar) for the office - I went to a wedding first and went to the studio at 10am till 1am. Btw, I have deleted most of my posts from this year, I will tell you why one day. But Clarence will be in our family prayers. Always. You take care, Kadusmama! :-)) Regards to yr mum, kio?

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