Monday, November 10, 2008

Phoebe's Graduation Cum Concert day

Last saturday.. attended Phoebe's graduation cum concert day.. well actually she's not graduating yet.. it's only her first year in kindy :P .. but she took part in the concert.. I had so much fun on that day!! :D.. lotsa funny things and cute things happened.. below are some of the pics taken on that day.. not that clear tho' .. lighting problem :P:P:P.. and 2 videos.. so enjoy ya!!

Snow white and the ... 9 dwarfs.. wakakaka.. :D their version

Those took part the in the concert.. aren't they cute!! .. I just love it.. !!

Another bunch of cute little friends.. :D

They are brothers and sisters.. the brother 4 yo and the sister 3 yo... I'm amazed by this 2 siblings.. they have a great memory.. salute!! ..

I love this so much!! isn't he cute?!!

Irish dance

Hawaiian dance

.. forgotten.. this.. something.. sign language.. :P:P

can see me??!! ..

Singing their Apple King song

Shava-shava dance..


Minsulod said...

hi sis...
hehe they are gorgeous.actually budak2 ni semuanya talented. Patutlah sis enjoyed..mesti senyum sepanjang concert tu kan sis :)

congrats phoebe sebab sudah graduated. :)

take care sis.GBU

Just plain Sharon said...

Punya colourful concert durang kan. siok oh. sia punya turn belum lagi eldest baru masuk K1 next year.

Evelyn LG said...

Blum lagi bah si Phoebe graduate.. baru yr 1 saja.. Yah.. I indeed enyoyed it very much.

just plain sharon
Untung bah skarang budak.. dulu2 mana da mcm ni kan..

TigerlilyBorneo said...

Its so exciting kan, Evelyn, these kids concerts :-)) Its nice to see the kids having so much fun!

Evelyn LG said...

Yeah.. I wish.. I can turn back time :D..

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