Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Puting Beliung a.k.a Turnado!!

Last sunday was suppose to be our rest day after long holiday in Melaka. An incident happened in the afternoon.. yah.. as you can read it from the title.. Turnado!! well.. actually heard it from 1 of the neighbor, said someone saw a small 'Twister' .. earlier on before the heavy rain and strong wind.. it's really a scary experience for me.. as I saw zink roof flying .. someone Astro oso tercabut!! .. even my car oso jadi mangsa sob sob :( .. well just look at these pictures.. aii..

oh my lovely car.. :(

no Astro for the day..


Just plain Sharon said...

I saw in the news this morning. I hope you and family are okay. Kuat juga tu angin sampai tercabut the atap! Take care ya.

X-men said...

...ahh u so scare? kau ada jerit jerit tak....

Evelyn LG said...

We are OK.. Thanks.. but pity my little Shannelle..nangis.. mungkin terkejut bah dia.. ada tumparik

ooi.. u tidur mcm ngok-ngok.. :P:P

Just plain Sharon said...

evelyn: thank God kamu ok. ya maybe ur shannelle nokotigok baitu..

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