Friday, October 31, 2008

Phoebe's 5th Birthday

I was supposedly uploaded the pictures earlier on, but due to my very busy schedule I've to put it on hold .. hehe since I'm back for blogging now.. ok let the show begin

This is Phoebe's birthday cake.. she's been asking for it .. since long time ago.. hehe .. since I showed her the princess cake in Deana's blog. But of course this is not by Deana, cos if I were to order from her.. the cake needed to be sent over by plane.. :P.. sorry ya Phoebe.. mummy hope you'll love it :)

The Birthday Girl .. Happy 5th Birthday my dear Phoebe

Shannelle.. enjoying her clipper.. hehehehe

My Tanduk girl.. :D

Admiring her cake..

My Kiddos... Shawn tried to blow the candle.. but.. air liur yang keluar :D

Mummy .. faster!! I want to eat my cake..

Still enjoying her clipper.. :P

Alamak!! I'm too short.. can't reach the cake.. :D

Finally.. dapat juga makan cake.. :D

Pity daddy.. coughing.. but hantam ja la..

OK!! that's about it.. :).. It's just a simple occasion for my family.. but I hope .. all of them enjoyed it very much.. Muaks!!


Kiaw said...

Happy birthday Phoebe...

Minsulod said...

hi sis....
wanna wish phoebe a belated 5th birthday.

GBU all.

Evelyn LG said...

Hi Kiaw, Minsulod,

Thanks for the wish. :)

NanC said...

wah..basar2 sudah anak ko oh kan Evelyn... mmm senang lah ko nanti2.. :) nice bday cake.. Im thinking todo for my daughter too when she reached 5.. not at this age yet, nanti rusak tu cake ..hehhee

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