Saturday, September 26, 2009

Holiday - Penang & Kedah 2

2nd day of Raya.. we decided to go for Bukit Bendera.. after breakie.. hubby drove directly towards Bukit Bendera.. but hey! where's it huh? hubby just drove .. according to the sign board.. we don't even have our map of Penang.. we left it at home :D.. anyhow.. we managed to get to Bukit Bendera.. but it's very crowded.. hubby said since we've reached there.. hantam only la.. so he queued for the ticket.. Shawn was with him and Shannelle and Phoebe were with me waiting for them outside.. but the 2 of them can't sit still for long.. they're restless.. and hubby was still queuing for the ticket.. alamak!! I called up hubby.. and suddenly I see him walked out of the ticket counter.. told me Shawn wanna ngk ngk.. Told hubby.. think we gotta cancel the plan for the Cable car la.. hubby agreed.. moreover we gotta check-out at 12pm and that time was about 10am dy.. ok said bye2 to Bkt Bendera.. then back to our motel .. packed our things and checked out.. our initial planned was to check in at another hotel and wonder around in another parts of Penang.. but somehow.. we took the wrong turn which lead us out of Penang!!! oh no.. then hubby said.. ok la.. we go to Kedah lah! :D.. and vroom.. to Kedah!!.. I love the highway view towards Kedah.. nice paddy field.. feel so relax and calm.. well after exiting from a busy place like Penang..

Thank God that my friend went back to Alor Star.. called him up .. and asked him where to jalan.. Met up with Kenji (friend) for yum cha.. then continue our jalan2.. we thought of staying over night in Alor Setar.. but then.. hubby smiled at me and said.. jom pi Ipoh la.. :D.. vroom.. Ipoh.. drive and drive and drive.. reaching Ipoh.. about 9.30pm.. hubby said.. Jom balik KL lah.. wakakakaka.. then bye bye north.. balik rumah!!!.. reached home about 1am.. ok la.. that's all about my Penang & Kedah holiday!! Enjoy..


Miche said...

wah! u all really enjoy long distance car ride eh, with 3 small kids somemore!!!

Evelyn Laiyap said...

:D.. hehe.. sort of

Cath J said...

Best dapat jalan2.... respect lah you boleh control 3 staring... ^_^

Evelyn Laiyap said...

Cath.. ada rotan dlm kreta :D.. hehehe

Just said...

Waa.. buli tahan jg ur hubby driving aa.. Ig my hubby tu, sure check-in hotel sdh tu sbb kepanatan driving. Hahahah..

Syiok jg tersesat2 kan sbb buli terpigi tmpt lain. Heheheh..

Nora said...

Hi Eve..

Bestnya kamu jalan-jalan nie.. hehe..Nasib baik juga kamu tidak naik itu bukit bendera sebab bukan ada masuk TV ka itu cable car stuck for 5 hours. I think its during Raya..but dunno when.

Anyway.. this is my new IP add. Just for your infos. Nasib baik inda terdelete..:D

Evelyn Laiyap said...

hmm Hubby mmg no.1 suka jalan jauh.. esp. if tersesat lg dia suka :D

Ya bah.. Thank God jg inda ternaik.. saw the news juga pasal tu cable car

KaDusMama said...

wahh..bestnya bejalan jak..sampai skrg..sia belum p kedah lagi..not sure bila dapat pi sana nie..hehehe

Evelyn Laiyap said...

No worries bah.. sure one day termasuk juga di Kedah tu.. mcm me.. accidentally :D

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