Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holiday - Penang & Kedah 1

On 1st day of Raya.. me and family again.. went for another holiday.. but this time was partially plan :D.. we left home for Penang around 2 am!!.. 2 am yo! my kids.. they're not sleeping yet cos all of us slept in the afternoon (the day b4).. as if they know that they're going for holiday :D.. Reached Penang around 6.45m.. The town was kinda quite.. hehe. .may be it's still too early for the people there to wake up :D.. We stopped by a coffee shop for breakie.. after that. .pusing2 at the town again.. and somehow it lead us to the Bukit Bendera.. hubby said.. come let's naik the cable car.. I was like huh?.. we just reached only and wanna naik dy???!! have not even find the place to stay wor?? I said no :P:P.. I know hubby was kinda upset .. cos he drove all the way from home to Penang and I said no.. ish ish.. so bad of me.. neway.. I think dun wanna talk so much la.. just enjoy the pics la ya.. hehe


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