Friday, May 22, 2009


Attend my lunch gang Sin Yee Wedding on 16 May 09', in Cyberview Lodge. Here are some of Phoebe's pictures. She enjoyed so much on that day.. Photos taken by one of my lunch gang too! Kenji.. :D .. The wedding photo taken by him too.. FYI.. He's a Wedding photographer.. :)

Sin Yee & KY

Yum Seng

Phoebe & mummy

Phoebe & uncle WaiLam (Lunch Gang)

Phoebe & uncle Tham (Lunch Gang)


Kiaw said...

nice pictures of Phoebe... jeles ooo ada daughter... mo cam ko ooo.... seronok....

Cath J said...

Nice photo!

geOxenz said...

lotsa nice shot :o)

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