Monday, March 19, 2007

SpongeBob Square-quare (Square Pants)

Yesterday went to the waterfall with my family.. arrived there around 3.30pm.. Wah!! lotsa people there.. luckily we found a nice spot.. hubby bentang tikar.. den.. Splash!!!.. 2 ekor inside the water dy.. hehehehe..

The 2 of them.. hmmm .. pantang nampak air.. damn syiok!! .. actually .. I'm a bit tired and a bit lazy to go the waterfall .. but then.. after seeing them so enjoy.. I pun tumpang syiok oso.. hehehe ;)

Well .. I actually wanna share about my girl.. before we went home, we stopped by at the stalls to get a Jagung Bakar.. and she suddenly said.. 'Mommy.. SpongeBob Square-quare'.. I was like .. huh?? .. I can't see anywhere.. the SpongeBob character.. and she keeps on saying that.. well.. mommy buat dunno je lah.. hehe.. then suddenly !!! only I realised that.. there's this fella frying the ham.. the mysterious SpongeBob is actually the Penjual Burger.. muahahahahaha :D.. well if you watched the cartoon, you'll definitely know what I mean..


freddie said...

ho ho ho... so you have a blog too. :)

yup... my korea trip sucks. worked non-stop... hardly get any sleep too. :(

Anonymous said...

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Tigerlily of Borneo said...

Hi Evelyn. Your brother was a wonderful friend to me. He is loved so much and we will never forget him. I believe he's still watching over you, and your siblings. When I see his pictures or think of him, my heart still feel so sakit...and I can only imagine how you feel but he's in good hands now :-) Divine Hands of God. Take care & hugs. TL

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