Thursday, February 8, 2007

Baby Sitter

This morning, while I'm preparing to go to office.. husband hp rang.. was from my baby sitter.. she informed husband that.. her 'tengkuk sakit' .. tell me to send my boy up (normally she'll wait downstairs).. after about 10 mins, her daughter called up.. inform husband that.. her mom couldn't take care of my children today.. as she 'sakit teruk' .. we have no choice either my husband or me have to take leave today.. hubby decided to take leave..

When I was about to drive to work .. my husband suddenly called out my name from our house (3rd floor).. tell me to help to send the baby sitter to the nearest clinic.. sounds so emergency.. so i rushed to her place.. distance is less than a minute drive..

She wasn't at home, the daughter said she's at the neighbor's house.. so we went to the neighbor's house.. when I reached there.. I saw my baby sitter.. lying on the floor.. say.. 'sakit.. sakit.. ya Allah..' the another kakak was massaging her neck.. she's really in great pain..

Drove her to the clinic (together with the other kakak).. she's still groaning.. I see her .. I also feel sakit.. :( .. After the check-up, Dr. informed that she 'salah urat', told us not to massage her neck but use a towel soak in warm water and place it on the neck. Sent them home then drive to office.. reach office around 8.30 a.m was 1/2 hour late.. but .. it's ok.. if late then replace lor.. but I normally balik lambat oso la..


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