Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Extremely busy

Due to my busy work.. I've not update anything on my blog.. There are a lot that I wanted to blog about.. but I just can't.. Last friday.. I've to work until 11pm.. arrhhhhgg.. today... early morning sudah busy.. but I'm leaving earlier today.. :P.. after this.. I'm going back liao.. must go back.. very sleepy and tired.. my fault.. my fault.. watch Benjamin Button.. 11pm - 2 am :D..


Nora said...

OMG..evelynn.haha..I remember you now.. last time your hair shorter bah kan. Your hubby..is Boon ka? I think he is ex-SAL juga kan.Samalah kita, SAL married to SAL juga.

Happy to meet your guys again in cyber world. I see you have a wonderful family there..btw if you have FB come and join me. Ada banyak ex- SAL sana tu. Especially Sabah Sarawak. Just add me Sakimin norazie...:))

Evelyn LG said...

Hi Nora.. It's a small world bah kan.. :D .. tidak sangka2 after for so many years.. hmm 1995 kan? kita masuk SAL tu kan? M really happy.. yes.. Si Bong exSAL juga.. sia ada FB.. tapi kan.. never updated cos I'm blocked from accessing those facilities.. ishh ishh..

Nora said...

Yes..its a small world after all. keep in touch. Send my + hubby regards to your Mr. Boon. I think he knew my hubby also tu.

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