Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Yeah! I'm so happy today.. Hopefully no calls till (cross ma' finger) .. I manage to lift my butt off my chair!! count down now.. grrr.. am going off anytime now.. hehehe.. was extremely busy supporting our so call client for the past few days.. and a very stuborn client.. grrr.. and today.. (m still crossing ma finger).. after pointed out that .. their coding having bugs (actually I've to read through their codes &%#@ and tell where the bugs ARE).... and then only .. they're willing to change on their codes.. grrrr.. aisey.. I keep on grrr and grrrr.. :D.. OK la.. don't wanna think about it la.. Better for me to go now.. it's 6.00pm.. must take this opt to go.. else.. .. Adios!!

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