Friday, September 19, 2008

De Simple Cafe

On the way to LCCT.. hubby was saying how he missed the curry at his old working place in PJ.. 'hmm I missed the curry in PJ la.. slurp slurp :P.. feel to eat curry.. mana mau cari ar, jom we stop somewhere ada kari one?' .. then suddenly .. we saw this shop 'De Simple Cafe' .. was so crowded.. hubby said.. 'the food must be very sedap.. jom!!' .. we parked the car opposite of the shop.. and walked to the shop... the owner said 'jemput2.. masuk makan..'.. then hubby felt that something is not right.. he asked the owner, not sure.. what did he asked.. then he turned at me and smiled and said .. 'It's jamuan makan buka puasa la!!'.. Alamak!! punya la malu.. but then the owner said 'Takpa2.. jemput masuk.. kita sama saja'.. aishhh... malu malu malu... since we're already there and the owner invited us to join for the 'jamuan makan'.. lantak je la .. :P:P:P .. chomp! chomp! chomp!.. nasi beriani.. chomp! chomp! chomp! mutton curry.. buah kurma.. jelly.. slurp slurp air sirap ... :P:P:P .. after the meal.. of course we said thank you and left.. inside the car.. we LOL.. malu malu .. then I told hubby.. 'see!! God granted your wish!!' .. then he said 'Thank U God' :).. btw .. we kena ToTo too !!! .. Tiga ringgit!!! LOL


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