Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm in KK!!

Yeah! I'm in KK.. but without my hubby and kids.. missed them so much!! Reach KK 12 am.. parents fetch me and slept around 1 am.. woke up around 6 (it's very bright dy in kk).. volunteer to send my sister to work in Lintas.. cos I'm meeting up with my ex-Classmate in Foo Phing for breakie (dim sum!!).. was suppose to meet them up at 9 am.. but.. I'm super duper early.. reached there 7.30 am.. wakakaka :D .. what to do.. sister starts work at 8 am..

My friends.. Pui Yee and Ah Kiaw came around 9.10am.. but Ah May was still not around.. called her up.. she said.. she gotta layan Avian.. will be late.. Ah May came around 10am.. so we makan makan makan.. then sembang sembang sembang.. then gossip gossip gossip.. wakakakaka.. there's so much to talk.. we left Foo Phing around 12.30pm.. told them.. I'm going to 1Borneo for jalan2.. Ah May is going to her class.. she's a tutor .. Ah kiaw needs to fetch her son from school.. Pui Yee needs to bring Samantha for check up.. but all end up in 1Borneo :D.. except for Pui Yee.. Ah May didn't go for her class, she guided me to 1Borneo :D.. Ah kiaw.. after fetching Ho Ping from school.. she and son join us in 1Borneo... :D.. 3 mummies + a boy window shopping in 1Borneo.. :D ..

Left 1Borneo around 4.30pm.. everybody was very tired.. but we enjoyed it very much!!! There goes my friday..


sin said...

woot! kena toto! mama, belanja makan! :D

huisia said...

you're orang KK? yeah, give me "5", i am too!

Evelyn LG said...

Hi HuiSia,
Ya Bah!! :D gimme '5'!!

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