Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trip to Bagan Lalang 2

.. We have no other choice but to go back and send the car to the 'hospital' .. Phoebe was so dissapointed.. kesian.. but then daddy told her.. trip to Bagan Lalang will be ON .. after car is repaired... When we reached home, Phoebe was so sad.. but after daddy's pujukan.. she forced herself out of the car.. kui kui.. kesian..

About an hour later, daddy called up said 'Ok .. I'll be there in 10 mins time'.. orait folks .. let the pictures tell u the story.. enjoy!!


sin said...

shioknye mama sekeluarga cuti cuti!
more pics! more pics! :D

X-men said...

..next trip will be waterfall rite.. :-D

Minsulod said...

mesti c Phoebe enjoy and happy...atlast wish come true. :p

Evelyn LG said...

Jom we go cuti2! :D

err.. Niagara one ar??!! :P:P

Yah bah.. enjoy berabis diorang..:D

JPP Papa said...

wahhh the kids enjoying themselves in the water. Nice!!

PapaJoneh here. Thanks for dropping by my boring blog. For info, You are already listed in the Sabahan Bloggers List.

See you around.

Evelyn LG said...

jpp papa
Thank Q PapaJ for the add..
Yah! they really enjoy bah!

Just plain Sharon said...

wah your kids kesiokkan betul kan.

Evelyn LG said...

just plain sharon
Yah bah! Diorang ni pantang nampak air..

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