Friday, January 2, 2009

How we spent our new year eve :P

During the New Year Eve, hubby actually planned to bring us out to see fireworks.. but when on my way back from office, heard from the radio many roads were blocked for the New Year celebration. Called up hubby and informed him about that and we then decided to spend the New Year eve at home :D. Since we'll be staying at home for the new year eve, I went and bought a pack of beer (6 cans) and a can of shandy (for me), 2 packs of peanuts, choc and strawberry sticks for my kiddos, fried bee hoon and mee and lala for our makan2 for the eve. By the way.. we watched ghost story too :))))) .. I wanna switched to another channel, but my kiddos wanna watch neh.. it's Thailand ghost movie.. and was a very scary movie.. the kiddos actually scared of the movie.. but still.. they wanna watch it.. mebbe they r like me.. :P:P .. I love to watch ghost story.. hehehe that's how we spent our new year eve!! Adios


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