Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shawn's 1st day in Kindy

Yesterday was Shawn's first day in Kindy, didn't manage to snap any photo of him (forgotten the camera in the car). Initially hubby was suppose to send Shawn and Phoebe to kindy.. I left and hope hubby will be ok in handling the 2 of them :P. But while on my way to work.. I think and think and think.. then called up hubby and informed him.. me gonna join them :P:P:P .. last minute.. called up my boss and told him i'll be on half day AM.

Reached the Kindy, saw lotsa ragam from the children and got 1 mama brought the rotan to the kindy cos her boy doesn't want to go to school.. aishh... Lucky my Shawn was so eager to go to school.. for Phoebe .. like normal ler.. cos it's her 2nd year in the kindy dy.. we then let Shawn and Phoebe went in into their classroom. Shawn didn't cry, he's happily went into the class instead. Shawn will be joining the nursery class as he's only 4yo... when I looked at my watch.. it's only 9am.. alamak!! rugi pulak took half day.. mmm.. nevermind la.. me and hubby then went for breakfast .. then I told hubby I'll stay at the kindy for a while la.. incase.. my Shawn buat ragam.. after breakie hubby sent me back to the kindy.. and he went to work.. and me.. peep from outside of Shawn's classroom door (through the glass).. saw Shawn was enjoying his sensory class .. hehe good good.. I went in and out dunno for how many times.. then suddenly.. heard Shawn called 'Mummy'!!... I can see that he's really enjoying his first day.. then at the same time another class is having their breakie.. in the makan place.. and my Shawn.. run towards the makan place and selit in between the other children.. aiks!! and grab the bread from the table!!! alamak!! .. his teacher then carried him away and told him.. inside got lotsa food to eat.. :D..

Hmm.. I then decided to cancel off my half day since Shawn is OK.. called up my boss.. told him that i'll be in the office by 10 am.. vroom vroom.. reached office ngam-ngam 10 am.


Kiaw said...

pandai c shawn kan... good to know he enjoy school....

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