Thursday, January 29, 2009

Met with accident .. before CNY :(

Yah.. I met an accident!! It happened in the highway.. fast lane some more.. Thank God that I'm OK.. I'm kinda lucky that there's no other car behind when the accident happened. The driver infront of me .. suddenly e-Brake!!!.. I've already tried to press very hard on the brake.. but some how.. my car still wanna kiss the Kelisa!! I hit her bumper.. and after about 10 minutes.. a Myvi kissed my bumper.. urghhhhh!!! .. I was shivering at that time.. and my right hand was damn painful.. can't even bend my fingers.. urghhhh!! .. was asked to move my car to the roadside, cos it was kinda dangerous.. as I said.. it was in the fast lane... since my hand bengkak dy.. ask 1 of the abang peronda to drive my car to the roadside.. aishh.. I'm so sad.. Chinese New Year was just around the corner.. well we've no choice but to drive the Kancil back to Melaka.. 5 of us to be squeezed in the car .. plus all the bags and etc etc.. feel so sorry for my family.. well Thank God also la.. I'm OK.. only my hand bit swollen.. I should be thankful instead.. Anyway.. we still managed to enjoy our CNY.. Will posting up some of the CNY piccies in the later post.. now.. I post my damaged car first la.. :D

The bumper

The bumper..

The front


JPP Papa said...

waaahhh.. thank GOD you ok. I hope the CNY not spoilt in some way. Geez, dangerous nowadays. You drive careful, other people drive carelessly. Touchwood. Once again, thank goodness you all right.

Post more pics later ok. here ;)

Evelyn LG said...

JPP Papa
Thanks Papajoneh.. yah bah.. now a days.. susah mau ckp bah the accident... kalau mau kena, mmg kena la tu.. Anyway.. I enjoyed my CNY very much :)

NanC said...

adededehh.... buang duit lagi.. :D

chegu carol said...

aduii...sandi jg tu ur rear bumper kena kissed. and i wonder pa mcm tu urg belakang ko buli tida nampak ur car was on static condition (was it cos u mentioned after 10 mins?)

anyways, glad nothing serious happened to u. that's more important.

happy 'niu' year to you and family too!

Jess said...

Lucky nothing serious injure....

Happy New Year to u & your family too!

Bonnie said...

Ouch, pity ur car.. Bt glad nothing serious happened. Hope u can fix ur car soon.. Happy CNY to you! And thanks for dropping by my blog.. will add you to my bloglist too.. :)

Evelyn LG said...

Insurance cover la .. but next year .. mahalnya mau bayar tu insurance.. ishhh..

chegu carol
Tu lah.. I've already pasang tu hazard light.. mungkin.. dia pun mau rush pulang pi CNY :D..

Yah.. Thank God.. pheeww..

Hey! thx for dropping by here too!

Happy Chinese 'Niu' Year to everyone! and thanks for concern :)

jppmom said...

I kinda late to know abt this but Im glad u r ok..thank God for that..u tek care ok ;)

JPP Papa said...

Still waiting for your CNY pictures.. adakah ni?

Jangan kerja terlalu kuat.. stress nanti. ;)

Evelyn LG said...

It's ok. Thanks ya!
Alamak! ada ada tu gambar.. sorry.. really busy.. nnt la.. sia cuba curi time upload :P

Anonymous said...

alamak!!! Nasib kau ok ni...hope everything is ok d now.. and happy belated CNY..sorry lambat..been kinda busy lately..i myself didn't blog nor blog hop...

Minsulod said...

hi sis..
lama sudah tia visit di sini. sorry to know about this.
Glad sis okay juga.

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