Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our UN-Plan Holiday 2

Colmar Tropicale

After visiting The Japanese Village, we proceed to Colmar Tropicale which is also known as A French-themed Resort. My children were very excited, especially my eldest... mmm I think it was because of the castle-like building.. :D.. My girl was saying something .. princess.. bla bla.. hahahaha.. I think she was imagining something like .. the Barbie or princess story :D. It was really a nice place to visit.. feeling like I'm somewhere out of Malaysia.. :P..


Miche said...

she likes castle huh? shud bring to disneyland. ;)

Cath J said...

Cute !!! ^_^ and nice photo.. ^_^

Mama Mia said...

with the castle around, every little girl will imagine herself being a princess..hehe...

Gallivanter said...

I like this place, but unfortunately I feel it's too small, i.e. 50 metres saja. :-)


Evelyn LG said...

Disneyland??.. hehe.. gotta kumpul duit first :D
Cath J
Thanks Cath
Mama Mia
:D yah true indeed.. should bring your girl2 sini bah
Ya.. very nice place .. 50 meter.. kici?.. but for me.. consider besar ohh.. cos the anaks.. suka lari2.. penat mau bubut :D

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