Friday, December 19, 2008

What a day...

Yeah.. yesterday was kinda bad day for me.. I woke up early in the morning so that I'll be able to leave the house earlier and planned to be home on time from work... but I guess.. it's already written in my 'book' .. :P. Yah.. I manage to leave the house earlier.. but while driving.. suddenly I heard this 'Tik' sound.. I was like huh?? .. ok never mind.. but when I step on the accelerator.. I can't feel that my car is accelerating.. but instead.. it's slowing down.. oh crap!!!.. the engine stop liao!! I was in the fast lane.. and lucky my car is still moving.. quickly light on my signal and I slowly move the car to the road side.. and Thank God.. it dindn't stop in the middle of the road.. urghhh!!! tension.. called up hubby..and explained.. he asked me.. issit the battery die again??!! did I turn the light off before leaving the car??!! told him.. eh.. if the light not off.. got sound one mar.. and I don't think it's the battery.. just changed few months back wor... hubby asked me to wait, he'll call up Ken, our mechanic..

It's about 8.30am dy.. hubby was on his way .. while waiting for him.. I pretended to be stopped at the road side and making a call to someone with my emergency light on :P:P:P.. I did this.. to prevent from someone stopping .. and offer their services.. hehe.. but.. I don't need it yet .. in my head .. oh no!! money is flying away.. urghhh.. and suddenly saw hubby coming.. and lucky hubby was not working too.. we together-gether waiting for the mechanic.. it's 9 am.. the mechanic was still not around.. ok.. never mind.. as he needs to send the kids to the day care.. so we wait and wait.. it's 9.30am.. still can't see him.. angry dy!! .. hubby called up ah Ken.. he said.. Ah Fatt will be there, he's on his way.. wait and wait.. still not coming.. urghh.. actually the shop to where my car brokedown.. was less than 10km.. we suspected.. he must be having his breakfast.. and when it's about 10 am dy.. saw this Ah Fatt fellow.. aiks.. can joke to us somemore..

Lucky .. we don't need to called for the tow truck, told Ken how the car suddenly just stop.. and he said.. the culprit is the Distributor.. heh.. ? I dunno what's that.. but it's connected to the Plugs.. and it's so lucky that.. it took him only about 20 mins to change.. so easy heh?? and finally the car is fixed.. said buhbye to him.. and called up Ken.. told him.. will pay him later :D.. anyway .. it's paid hehehe..

mm.. I was suppose to be on half day off.. but.. it turn out to be full day off.. aishhh.. money gone.. leave gone .. since I'm on full day off, I went and visit my aunt in the hospital and after that.. went for my kid's baju shopping.. as for me.. mebbe.. back to KK only buy lah.. ok.. there goes my full day off.. hehe.. was a very long post.. Adios..


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